United States, Indiana bans abortion from pregnancy

United States, Indiana bans abortion from pregnancy

Indiana has passed a law that almost completely outlaws abortion. It is the first country to agree to new restrictions since then Supreme Court decision To abolish the federal right to terminate a pregnancy, which has been in effect since 1973. Indiana law makes termination of pregnancy illegal from the moment of conception, except in cases of incest, rape, severe fetal problems, or when the life of the pregnant woman is in danger. So far, the boycott has been allowed until the 22nd week.

The ban, which will take effect on September 15, includes some exceptions. Abortion is permitted in cases of rape and incest, before 10 weeks after fertilization, to protect the life and physical health of the mother, and if the fetus has been diagnosed with a fatal malformation. Victims of rape and incest will not be required to sign a notarized statement attesting to the assault, as has been suggested in the past. According to the bill, abortions can only be performed in hospitals or hospital-owned outpatient clinics, which means all abortion clinics will lose their license. Same fate for all doctors who perform illegal abortions or who do not provide the required reports.

“I am very proud of all the citizens of Indiana who have come forward to so boldly share their views in a debate that is unlikely to end any time soon,” the Republican governor said. Eric Holcomb In a statement in which he announced that he signed the verdict. Indiana was among the first Republican states to debate stricter abortion laws after the Supreme Court ruling. Senator So GlickOne supporter of the new restrictions said he doesn’t think “all states will reach the same point,” but that most Indiana residents support some aspect of the law.

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Eight Republicans joined all eleven Democrats in voting against the bill. “What other liberties are at stake and are waiting to be wiped out?” asked the Democrat. Jane Briaux who wore a green scarf in support of the right to abortion. While the Republican senator Mike Puhacik He talked about his 21-year-old daughter with Down syndrome. Pohaček voted against the bill, saying that it does not provide sufficient safeguards for women with disabilities who are raped.

The decision comes three days after Kansas voted to reject abortion. electors kansas They voted by a large majority against an amendment that would have eliminated the constitutional guarantee of abortion in the conservative Midwest state, a Republican stronghold.

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