This is the ship that rammed the dead Civil Guard

This is the ship that rammed the dead Civil Guard

It is fourteen meters longfour engines, more than 1000 hp And radar for surveillance. This is the situation Narcolanxa That last Friday ran over a Civil Guard tower in Barbate, Cadiz, As a result, two officers were killed and two others were injured. It was intercepted on Saturday and transported to Algeciras Port, where it is being analyzed and will be destroyed when the judge authorizes it. The six people who were traveling that day spent their first night in prison accused of two murders and four attempted murders.

They headed straight, without a miscalculation, no doubtLike an airplane Against the zodiac To the Civil Guard, according to the photos that are part of the investigation and the testimonies of survivors. For this, The judge described the events as murder. The drug launcher has damage to the beam. It ran over GEAS rubber that had completely deflated after the attack.

The aggressiveness of drug traffickers is increasing. For this reason, there are voices critical of the decision taken on Friday, when large boats were unable to leave due to the storm and some of them were damaged, and the leadership of the Civil Guard, which decided that its men would act according to the constellations.

Customs unions and associations have complained that agents are being asked to act in towers or frames that do not protect them. And they regret it too Big boats have become antiquated compared to the modernity of launching drugs. Above all, they believe there is Escaping from the Punishment. The Anti-Narcotics Prosecution reported that after the withdrawal of the Special Anti-Narcotics Group, Arrests were reduced by half.

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