The show Salvat Babasit, My Scale Kids Begin the Summer Storytelling Process and the Summer Reading Game: Final Verdict!!!

The show Salvat Babasit, My Scale Kids Begin the Summer Storytelling Process and the Summer Reading Game: Final Verdict!!!

Tomorrow, Wednesday, June 26, at 7:00 pm in the central room of the Xavier Amorós Central Library, the play “Salvat Papasseit, les nens de la meva escala” will be staged, produced by the Bambadaboom company and the Hello Creator Cultural Association. Joan Salvat-Papasset wrote only one book for children: The Children of Salma, which features, among others, his daughters, Salomita and Nuria, and the Friends of Salma.

The creators of La biblioteca del senyor Seguin are now rebuilding the world of Savatian with a story by Jordi Falk that combines stories, poems and songs created for the show by Havard Enstad and with compositions by Teresa Rebull, among others. The young poet lives in a doll’s house, and in this show the neighborhood characters are introduced.

Through Joan’s stories and the postcards he sends from the asylum in 1924 (from the book Postcards to the Daughters), the audience will learn about his life and death, his stories and poems, written for the sitter but aimed at the whole family, and narrated and sung by the actress Ursula Garrido, who acts as the building’s concierge, who sees… Everything and know everything.

This presentation marks the beginning of the Summer Reading Process: Final Judge!!! game, which this year allows children to participate in selecting judges to demonstrate readers’ critical skills.

Taking advantage of Reus’ appointment as host city of the Atrapallibres and Young Protagonist Awards for the years 24/25 and 25/26, we want to know if our children are ready to be members of the jury of the prestigious awards for children and young people’s literature in the Catalan language. For this reason they have to pass a casting process where participants take home works that have been awarded prestigious awards such as the Hans Christian Andersen Prize, the Astrid Lindgren Memorial, the Lazzarello Prize, the Bologna International Illustration Prize or other winners of the Atrapalipress Prize from previous editions, from Among other things. In this way, children train their critical skills with the best works of children’s literature so that they can then become judges of the Atrapalllibres Awards with all guarantees.

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To participate in the reading game, simply go to the Xavier Amorós Library or the Pere Anguera Library, register at the Children’s Office and go read and evaluate books until September 16, the date on which jury selection ends.

Otherwise, Salvat Babasset begins the Summer Tales cycle with a program that during July will expand the award-winning reading game proposal with storytelling and in August, storyteller and clown Eula El Balat will tell us stories related to non-violent conflict resolution called Secret Pact. All Summer Storytelling sessions will be held on Wednesdays at 6:30pm at the Xavier Amorós Central Library.

But the story calendar begins on July 3 at 6:30 p.m. with “And the Light Shines with Borderless Engineering,” a story about energy poverty inspired by the families of the Alliance Against Energy Poverty and the testimony of the children of La Cañada Real, who have been living without electricity for a year now.

July Summer Tales continues on July 10, 17, 24 and 31 with award-winning tales, sessions that will transform those award-winning stories of indisputable literary and narrative quality into spoken word.

In August, Contes d’Estiu will be animated by Yola El Balat, a multidisciplinary artist who presents us with stories whose main focus is the secret agreement, a metaphor for the spaces of coexistence and empathy necessary to resolve conflicts in a peaceful way.

However, the storytelling sessions will be about empowerment, managing negative emotions, empathy, self-esteem, and understanding your needs and the needs of others.

Summer Tales is open to everyone and reservations are not required. In addition, you can view the full program of summer activities in the libraries here.

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