Luciana Letizito, strewn with three words: “Bassezze, malignità, vulgarità”

Luciana Letizito, strewn with three words: “Bassezze, malignità, vulgarità”

with departure Fabio Fazio Also from Vialli Mazzini Luciana Letizito Choose to pack up and head to Discovery. In fact, the two will start a new professional experience away from public service (with a big contract). And before Letizito leaves, in the course of the last episode, she exasperates the nurses who did not appreciate her speech which in a way reduces the profession of those who help patients with the highest professionalism in our hospitals to a flood of cliches.

And so Camilo Langone On the binding He puts Littizzetto in the crosshairs with fairly straightforward words: “I celebrate freedom from the colossal vulgarity of Luciana Littizzetto, freedom from the sphere of meanness and malice extorted from me with the electric bill”. Littizzetto’s monologues and gestures often caused arguments, in which Ray did not intervene. And apparently not everyone likes the strong language the comedian used during her performance during Che tempo che fa. We need to understand the method he will use in Discovery. Certainly the program will be changed and perhaps also the role of “Lucianina”.

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