Christina Quaranta remembers Celebrity Island

Christina Quaranta remembers Celebrity Island

In an interview with Corriere della Sera, former Givina recounted the experience she had in Honduras in 2005, where she was eliminated after a week of playing.

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Christina QuarantaAnd the New removal from Big Brother Vip 7 During an episode of Thursday, October 20, she was told Corriere della Sera. In the’an interview، expertise In another reality show, Celebrity Islandin which he was a competitor 2005.

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“Isola dei Famosi 3 was one of my worst performances. – Narrates the 33-year-old former outcast of Non è la Rai who was at the time – It was a copy full of competitors I didn’t get along with and with whom I had strong arguments. Elena Santarelli, Romina Carisi and Laurie del Santo apologized after my nomination, but I don’t know why they did it, maybe they were afraid of me”, He told the newspaper, remembering his own A week on the island.

also al Gf VIP Forty definitely did not stand out for her great diplomatic skills, and we have often seen her as the protagonist sharp fights with the past Nikita Belizon. But think carefully about his experience in Honduras vippona also wanted to emphasize how a file works apologies, As well as from the drowned came from conductor From the reality show:

Do you think that a few years ago Simona Ventura apologized by telling me that only after participating in this program as a competitor was she able to understand certain dynamics and certain situations, in my version she was the presenter of the program and attacked me several times during the episodes .

Although Christina Quaranta has announced in the past a Dagosbya That would is back in Television Only if they do Suggestion over hereThewhat it was Loved Really, Big Brother honestly said that he did it Approved to attend lonliness for money. Also, again in his own words, he doesn’t have many friends in business and claims to be lack of more a job In the spotlight because of him Letter:

Outspoken people like me are uncomfortable and don’t want to change my character, I’ve been turned away and killed, but that’s okay.

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