Tony Soler responds to union criticism over the “Poland” gag.

Tony Soler responds to union criticism over the “Poland” gag.

Tony Soler He came out in defense of one Shut up Subordinate Poland from TV3, which angered some unionists. The comedy show took advantage of the days of eclecticism by simulating a scene that would have perfectly played out in an exam. In order to talk about The critical situation facing Catalan in the classroomI put the scenes through one of the Catalan tests.

Once the teacher distributes the question papers, the student asks him or her to repeat the instructions in Spanish. He was not satisfied with this, but continued with another request:Do you think, if it’s not annoying, I can take the test in Spanish?Faced with this, the teacher expressed his indignation: “How do you want to take the Catalan exam in Spanish? Don’t you see that this is illogical?” But of course the boy replies: “Excuse me? Do you impose your language on me or how does that work? Because I feel attacked.”

he Shut up to Poland He angered a PP member 3 cat

From there, pull out your phone to write a tweet of complaint. Soon an image of a politician from the Popular Party appears at a meeting denouncing what had just happened in the selectivity exam: “They forced him to take the Catalan language exam in Catalan! It is linguistic apartheid“.

This start sparked outrage Nacho Martin BlancoRepresentative of the Popular Party from Barcelona in Congress. He posted a video clip on his personal Twitter page Poland “In the meantime, TV3 is doing its job,” he expressed his opinion. It refers to Spanish speakers and distorts reality. As always, they will say it is just a joke, but when the ridicule is always in the same direction and with the same ferocity, it is not a joke but propaganda and hatred. The latest from TV3″.

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Tony Soler responded in defense of the show: “It’s not just a joke, of course. It’s a parody of the reality that you and your character would like to hide.”

What’s happening in Shut up Subordinate Poland What did they criticize from PP?

he Shut up Continue after that point. Back in the class in question, the teacher allows him to answer however he wants, but the boy is not happy about it and asks for feedback.”A true classic“And not Mercy Rodorida:”Quijote Or one of Pérez Reverte.” Then he adds another condition: “I think that, so that there is no difference between us, we must all take the test in Spanish because it is the common language and that way we understand each other. With so much hatred, I lost the desire to speak Catalan“He says when he’s speaking in Spanish the whole time, of course.

The student requested to be able to answer the Catalan Selectivity Test in Spanish - 3Cat
The student asked to be able to perform the Catalan Selectivity Test in Spanish 3 cat

One of the colleagues says that she does not mind answering in Spanish “because changing it does not cost us anything,” and that way the boy will feel “more comfortable”: “Languages ​​should unite us and not divide us.” Others complain, and the boy explodes: “Wow, you hate Spanish, don’t you? You wouldn’t be fanatics, would you?“. And Shut up Which angered PP.

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