Car registrations, it’s a crisis in Italy: the numbers are alarming

Car registrations, it’s a crisis in Italy: the numbers are alarming

Figures on car registration allow you to get an accurate idea of ​​how the market is going in Italy. Unfortunately, the situation is particularly frustrating.

The motor world has been suffering the most due to restrictions imposed by the pandemic and even now that they are now a thing of the past, the recovery hardly seems slow. It is not difficult to try to understand the reasons. Those who have had long layoffs, closed their businesses or haven’t earned in months certainly don’t feel like planning an expensive purchase like the one required to buy a new car.

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The problem is only slightly offset by the idea of ​​opting for multi-year financing, which is a solution that the majority of people embrace. Fear of the future, in fact, does not allow you to plan calmly, although you know that you have to pay a fixed amount every month. To give clear testimony to this situation, there are a number of car registrations.

Car registration: the situation remains difficult

As it has already happened in the pastThe method chosen to move the market is to introduce a series of incentivesAt the national and regional levels in some cases. However, the effect obtained was only partially as hoped.

In fact, most Italians have turned to the concessions offered for petrol or diesel carswhile still skeptical about electricity, despite the fact that according to the intentions of the European Union, these should represent our future.

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This can only make businesses and professionals in general only anxious, with the possibility of staff cuts. After all, car registration numbers seem to speak for themselves.

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Data makes you think

The numbers certainly give an idea of ​​the direction of the sectorwhich are a fairly clear test of how the situation regarding car registration will develop. The number of Italians who decide to buy a car is decreasing, it is no coincidence that one out of every three of those currently on the road is rented.

It is a solution that has a double advantage: The investment required is definitely less, plus the ability to avoid going through the process of devaluing the vehicle Which inevitably begins already upon exiting merchant. At the end of the contract it is also possible to decide whether to continue in a similar agreement for another model, so that you always have a new or almost new machine.

2022 can only be considered a positive outcome for leasing companies, Despite what happened to those who bet on buying. There was already An increase of 415 thousand units Registered in Italy With a total value of 10.5 billion euros and 250,000 individuals, companies and public administration.

In this way it is possible to have a vehicle at one’s disposal in a short time, which is not always possible instead when you go to the agency due to the delay recorded in the supply of raw materials. Precisely for this reason, the vice president of ANIASA, Italo Volunari, wanted to make an appeal to the government, calling on it to reform the value-added tax of 10% for car-sharing and short-term rental services for foreign tourists, as well as to ensure more customers. Deductible and deductible for electric company cars.

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