The Italian SUV being abandoned: the reasons for the success of the brand

The Italian SUV being abandoned: the reasons for the success of the brand

Italy has always been a leader in the automotive sector, and recently one of its SUVs was a resounding success.

Undoubtedly, among the cars that most divided public opinion, we cannot fail to mention it SUV. On the one hand, we are dealing with extremely safe and high-performance compounds, while on the other hand, they are excessively polluting.

We are trying in every way to meet the needs of the environment even with these cars, with different electric versions becoming popular. There are many brands trying to establish themselves and one of them is associated with DR cars

The company was founded by Massimo Dirisio At Macchia d’Isernia in 2006, in 2022 it became one of the very few car companies to end its calendar year on a positive note. The increase in turnover was actually 192.76%, with sales rising from 8,362 to 24,481.

It was a very positive moment especially considering the great evolution of its SUV. The range has expanded greatly in recent years, with DR 1.0 which appeared in 2023 to form its first electric variant.

By 2023 we have reached 7.0DR, The incalculable leap in quality of the Italian-Chinese company that now places great emphasis on this New SUV with exceptional characteristics. Its production will start in 2023, so let’s see together what to expect from the car.

DR 7.0: Engine, Features and Speed

once again DR Automotives It decided to push production through subsidiary Chery, the latter having to produce engines and transmissions. For this version, a petrol fuel has been chosen and a four-cylinder engine of 1,500 cubic meters gives way to an output of 160 horsepower.

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DR 7.0 is a new SUV from DR Automobilities (Source: DR)

This is when he has the ability to max out at 190 km/h and keep it that way average consumption Only 8 liters for a range of 100 km. This SUV is equipped with an automatic gearbox that allows you to range through 7 different ratios. Despite being 472 cm long, 186 cm wide and finally 174 cm high, it does not appear to have all-wheel drive, but only in the front.

In addition to the petrol variant, you also have the option to opt for LPG, a model that features an identical but slightly detuned 154-horsepower engine. To increase in this case is the average consumption that leads to 9.9 liters per 100 km.

The price remains about the same, even if the starting gasoline is preferred 32,900 euros For 34,400 euros of LPG. So, given the significant increase in DR cars in 2022, it is very likely that it will be 7.0DR It may represent a continuation with this very positive trend.

It will be interesting to understand how the market will move with the DR 1.0 EV, the electric version with 61 hp that it’Range 294 km. Continuous growth of what has become for all intents and purposes Italian pride.

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