“Belin is pregnant”, confirmation comes from three VIPs: This has already caused a stir on the Internet, and the profile is full of comments

“Belin is pregnant”, confirmation comes from three VIPs: This has already caused a stir on the Internet, and the profile is full of comments

No more uncertainty! The truly incredible news has arrived: Belén Rodriguez is pregnant. The official confirmation from three VIPs who revealed themselves reveals what many suspected.

Rumors chase each other. This all seems to be true. The question that many ask Do is who is the father of the unborn child. It is too early to ask about the sex of the fetus. After posting a photo of the ring on her finger on social media a few days ago, now comes this amazing news. Fans are in ecstasy!

The photo shows Belén Rodriguez while she is pregnant – abruzzocitrumors.it

It is known that the story with Elio Lorenzoni is going smoothly, so much so that the couple recently moved into their apartment. However, no one could imagine that such overwhelming love at first sight, resulting from a long-term friendship, could also lead to such a beautiful experience. There is only a little time left for the official announcement, according to the rumors that have spread in the past few minutes: Confirmation comes from a reliable source Who calls some beautiful Argentinian colleagues.

The truth revealed by the gossip detective

This is what was said on social media by Alessandro Rusica, the well-known social investigator in the world because he has already released preliminary news in the past that was later proven to be true. He describes himself as a gossip expert who has been working in this sector for many years. To the news The web literally caught fire. Netizens’ comments follow one another. This is the news that seems to have dominated the gossip for days. The question is always the same: who will be the father of the unborn child?

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Belen Rodriguez is pregnant
Belén Rodriguez is pregnant, source shows: Instagram @investigatoresocialofficial__ – abruzzocitrumors.it

There are many fans who hope that the lucky one will be her historical ex-husband Stefano Di Martino because there are many who believed in their love that seemed to overcome all obstacles: even the fact that the beautiful Argentine had a daughter with another man. But this possibility seems to be fading over time. It seems that May faith grow among the people of the web The father of her third child is her newest flame Elio Lorenzoni.

In fact, this TV queen hasn’t appeared on the small screen in a while. His choice to leave each of his children with their parents has got his fans talking a lot in recent days. Which Something was cookingMany had imagined it but only few doubted that the news was so amazing. However, even the most skeptical, by observing the latest snapshots published by the glamorous presenter on social media, were able to notice that for some time the woman no longer stands in profile but only in front, and what is more, that she is also well covered.

Therefore, these details certainly cannot go unnoticed by the most attentive and experienced fans. In one snapshot recently posted online, the charming Belén appears in the snow wearing a long camel-colored coat, but she can barely close it. And it seems that there are many of his fans who notice this Suspicious roundness on the abdomen. Is it true then that the beautiful Argentine is pregnant? Some time ago she expressed her intention to become a mother again. Will this dream of yours become a reality soon? I am the person directly interested and will be able to confirm this with certainty in the next few hours.

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