Postepay, angry users, app not responding: operations are prohibited

Postepay, angry users, app not responding: operations are prohibited

A story that has been worrying millions of Poste Italiane customers for a few days now. The point that seems to persist is about the situation.

Several days now Damage has surprised millions of users who routinely use the app of one of the most successful financial products in recent years. We are talking about Postepaycreated today as a simple prepaid account with the version of “Evolution” practically a real current account with the possibility of crediting salaries, Production of wire transfers, etc..

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Millions of users all over Italy. Customers who can now not do without using a product that has proven its success since its first appearance in the financial market. From a simple prepaid card, Useful for online purchases, perhaps to use as a piggy bank, or to send money to a child or relative away from home, to the product of dreams. correct The checking account is practically free. All Poste Italiane are signed. Nothing is more convenient and practical.

What’s wrong these days though It is the application associated with the card. Obviously, these days you manage your assets, expenses, deadlines, and anything else via the app It’s more demanding than ever. So, finding yourself having problems accessing the same app is certainly no small problem, on the contrary. Poste Italiane customers In short, it can almost take off On the basis of war due to persistent incompetence.

Postepay, angry users, app not responding: this is what’s going on

What is wrong is the authentication stage to the application. In short, the moment you go through the login stage, the user is blocked and therefore cannot Access to services Which obviously must have access 24 hours a day. We also consider that the application now provides a much-needed service through the offer Access to paymentsphone sim management and even swipe services, which are one of the last in time line services offered to the customer.

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To solve this problemGiven that Poste Italiane assures us that it is not a cyber attack, we can try to update the same application. All with a new version released recently. In the event of another breakdown on the way Referred to by the same company Help is contacted at the email address [email protected]. It is clear that the same company, taking into account the times and dynamics unfortunately concerned with the Web, reports to its clients, through the official channels of Beware of scams Practically circulated in groups on the network.

More advanced security systems Recently they allow keeping accounts safe from unauthorized access attempts. However, such care is often not enough. in some cases Users are instructed themselves from wrong connections To get into their own territory, and present their savings to the bad guys on a silver platter, if you can say so. At this point, taking action is really risky, i.e. it is not easy to recover what might be at stake. We must be careful always and in any case.

Poste Italiane users At this point they hope for a clear improvement in the situation. We hope to be able to come back soon to take advantage of the many services available to them. Postepay is great sure of the Italian financial scene. It’s time to go back to this always winning and effective product, In short, what has always been.

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