Ladies Paradise October 26, 2023 Previews: Matilda Amazes!

Ladies Paradise October 26, 2023 Previews: Matilda Amazes!

Previews for the episode of Il Paradiso delle Signore broadcast on 26 October 2023 on Rai 1 reveal that Roberto is speechless. On the other hand, Concetta is preparing to live a new adventure. Meanwhile, Matilda makes a surprising decision…

In the’episode D Ladies’ paradise to Thursday, October 26, 2023, Marcellus He wants to organize a party for MatteoAnd he asks Marie To give him a helping hand. while, Delia Delivers to Roberto Secretly a notebook with drawings Agateand he is very impressed. ConcettaInstead, she decided to embark on a new work adventure as a seamstress in an atelier. in the meantime, Ezio He makes a proposal: to divide Paradiso’s fate from that of Tissotti Colombo, while Victor He does not listen to reason: he is determined to help it. At the same time, Matilda He returns to his land, where the old Mobilificio Frigerio stands; Without notification TancrediThe woman makes an unexpected decision… but let’s find out together what the details reveal Previews from episode Which will be broadcast tomorrow in 4:00 pm on Opinion 1.

Roberto is amazed by Agata in previews for the October 26 episode

Marcellus, He is determined to repair his relationship with Matteo, he tries them all. Now, for example, He thought about organizing a party for him. In need of a hand, the boy turns to Maria. while, DeliaIn complete secrecy, Roberto gives the notebook containing Agata’s drawings. After discovering this passion of hers, Vittorio’s right-hand man asked her to show him some of her drawings, but she did not feel up to it; So the friend intervened. Roberto looks at the drawingsno He is very impressed

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Ladies Paradise Preview: Concetta is the new seamstress of Paradise!

Concetta He thought about it for a long time, and… Finally he made his choice. Marieoverworked and therefore in need of operator assistance, He decided to ask his mother for help, He suggests she become Heaven’s new seamstress. Concetta, hesitating, set some conditions, and then talked about them with Ciro and Agata. The latter, eager to accept the designer’s proposal, devised a plan to encourage her to do so. And now, The woman announces her desire to undertake this business adventure!

Matilda leaves you awestruck in previews for the October 26 episode

Because there doesn’t seem to be a way out, ever since The businessman spoiled the deal to rescue Tissutti Colombo, Ezio resigns Believing that, in all probability, he would fail. That’s why, man He proposes to his friend to separate the fate of his factory and the department store. CountieOn the other hand, he doesn’t want to know, Determined to stay by his side. At the same time, MatildaAfter we learned of the bad situation Columbo finds herself in, He returns to his landsthe one where the old Mobilificio Frigerio stands, and without first informing Tancredi, He makes an unexpected decision

Ladies’ paradisethe all-Italian series, airs from Monday to Friday at 4:00 pm on Opinion 1.

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