Too hot in Puglia, hit McDonald’s: “ridiculous temperatures in the kitchen”

Too hot in Puglia, hit McDonald’s: “ridiculous temperatures in the kitchen”

PARI – The temperature in Puglia has exceeded 40 degrees and about 140 employees of McDonald’s in Bari and Casamassima, in contact for hours with frying pans and other equipment that heats up in the kitchens, will go on strike tomorrow to protest the “lack of a proper air conditioning system”. The strike was called by the CGIL Filcams and by the Metropolitan and Regional CGIL of the capital Puglia.

“There have been many cases of illness among staff working with hallucinatory temperatures – explains Domenico Fico, CGIL Bari’s secretary – and even when an attempt was made to add portable air conditioners, the electrical system did not hold up.” Unions urgently request closure to the public on red dot days and the related recourse to layoffs as provided for in the latest provisions of the INPS until decisive technical intervention becomes possible.

Meanwhile, the workers of Rm and Hb, operators of the McDonald’s brands, will cross their arms tomorrow from 18.30 to 20.30 in front of restaurants in Bari, via Sparano, and from 21 to 23 in Casamassima, in the parking lot of the restaurant twenty kilometers from Bari.

Trade unionists Fico and Antonio Miccoli, General Secretary of Filcams Cgil Bari, confirm that “the class has been denouncing for years the lack of an adequate air conditioning system in restaurants, especially in kitchens. The current high temperatures cause frequent illnesses among employees »

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