“We wanted Keanu Reeves to be like Gene Kelly in Singin’ in the Rain!”

“We wanted Keanu Reeves to be like Gene Kelly in Singin’ in the Rain!”

As for Keanu Reeves’ rehearsal for John Wick 4, director Chad Stahelski revealed that his main inspiration was Gene Kelly’s performance in Singin’ in the Rain. Let’s see together what he said.

Chad Stahelskiepic manager John WickHe is an avid cinematographer and this can be seen in the many influences his films have. Beyond the instantly recognizable salute to the championship franchise Keanu Reeveslike those of Sergio Leone or Sam Peckinpah, another cinematic genre – perhaps completely unexpected – is the basis of the director’s work in his films: music.

John Wick 4, Keanu Reeves as Gene Kelly in Singin’ in the Rain

Interview by IndieWireAnd Stahelsky This revealed his fighting style John Wick 4 – In cinemas from March 23 – Also try inspiration from Hollywood musicals of the Gilded Age and in particular from Singing in the rain (1952), starring Gene Kelly As Don Lockwood:

Everyone laughs when I say that, but I love musicals. Bob Fosse is a huge inspiration, like Gene Kelly in Singin’ in the Rain. We didn’t reinvent the action genre or anything with John Wick, we just spent our savings and time trying Preparing an entity to be Gene Kelly.”

in John Wick 4continued the director, LE 14 action scenes serve the same purpose as the choreography in MGM musicalsThey let the story move forward and show the personality of the characters through the movements and the body. But this flu Stahelsky He went above and beyond and also poured in a drill Reeves For the movie:

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“We also try to train our actors by dancing. Many stunt teams train their actors to punch hard, in a typical martial arts mentality. Punching a lot is nice, but if you can’t remember the motions of your steps, it doesn’t matter how hard you punch or kick. “.

This statement is well proven by the exorbitant number of moves Keanu Reeves We must remember the most important combat and movement sequences John Wick 4: more than 100! If he had forgotten even one of the moves, that would mean starting the sequence all over again: “We trained Keanu in both martial arts and dance – which is like martial arts.” . music effect with Gene Kelly It was also the basis for the editor’s work Nathan Orlofffor which it was important to show the physical prowess of Keanu Reeves And the cast, as well as the director Stanley Donen with talent KellyAnd Debbie Reynolds And Donald O’Connor:

“We didn’t have to use cheats or anything to make the fights cool, it was our different approach, because we didn’t need to make the action more interesting.”

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