David Beckham, an ideal visiting man in Barcelona

David Beckham, an ideal visiting man in Barcelona

“Spain smells like garlic.” Legend has it that Victoria Beckham, Albea Spice, hated Madrid, and frowned at the phrase when her husband, Manchester United star David Beckham, signed for Real Madrid in the 2003-2004 season. This phrase has always haunted the successful designer, who denied saying it a thousand times. And it must be true that neither she nor her husband smelled the unpleasant odors of this land, since they had been frequenting it so often of late. Although not exactly Madrid.

In the past two months, they have both been enjoying the weather in Catalonia to the benefit of their businesses. If at the end of April Victoria Beckham went to Mas de Torrent, in the heart of the Limburda countryside, to present her amazing collection in partnership with the Catalan fashion company Mango, it was now her husband (her father) whose four children, Brooklyn, Romeo, Cruz and Harper) returned to Barcelona to support Tudor, the Swiss watch company of which he has been its global ambassador since 2017, on the same day it opened its first store in the center of Gràcia. All over Spain.

Rolex’s sister company (although more affordable) has 250 stores worldwide (mainly in the US and Asia), but has now chosen Barcelona to address its demanding and cosmopolitan audience.

The #BornToDare slogan was first introduced by Tudor seven years ago when he obligated the former footballer to wear one of his watches wherever he went and to every event he attended. Beckham, considered a global icon of style, fits the phrase like a ring on his finger. Not only does he embody this courageous and successful philosophy of life, but he is also a quintessential English gentleman.

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If Elizabeth II imposed an OBE on her at Buckingham Palace in 2003, it must be because Europe’s last great queen didn’t make a wrong move. At Barcelona, ​​Beckham has shown that he can become a millionaire (his goals now are business: he collects nearly €100 million a year from sponsorship contracts, double what he made in his final year of kicking a ball) without being arrogant or ostentatious. About nothing

It is this nature of the son of a gas fitter and hairdresser that surprised everyone who went to the Old Port to see him pictured at the gates of the magnificent naval base of the Swiss America’s Cup sailing team Alinghi Red Bull Racing, of which Theodor is a sponsor. He arrived on time at seven-thirty wearing the same uniform in which he had visited the store on Passeig de Gràcia, a Mao collar shirt in Klein blue and relaxed trousers in a darker shade, accompanied by suede sneakers in the same colour.

“I’m not talking about Mbappe”

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Although it was not planned, he answered some football-related questions: on the one hand, he believes that “Barcelona has a good team, young and with good players”, and on the other hand, he is happy “for Mbappé and for him”. Real Madrid.” Later, at the special event held on the balcony of the naval base, Beckham invited all those present to take a group selfie with him.

The show lasted more than half an hour. Who can resist?

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