Elena Cattaneo “tells” science at talks in San Francisco

Elena Cattaneo “tells” science at talks in San Francisco

Starting next Sunday (6 November), in Lucca, B Talks on Saint FrancisPromoted and organized by Foundation Cassa di Risparmio di Lucca. The tale of fairy tales is the title of this The ninth session and event guests They are invited to contribute to their personal story – science, current events, theater and theater fiction – through a narrative designed for all to hear and understand. The exhibition will open at 6 pm in the Church of San Francisco with the story of the flag Pharmacist, biologist and academic Italian Elena CattaneoKnown for her studies on Huntington’s disease and stem cell research.

We’ve all learned to count on him Sciences, even in everyday life. Especially in recent years this discipline, which is essentially an observational knowledge system, Experience and accountIt was among the most recent and debated issues, although very few could claim to truly understand its various fields and aspects. Science often remains difficult and impenetrable to most people, but Elena Cattaneo, in the first conversation, he will be able to tell the audience using language that is really accessible to everyone, in a simple and free way. He will do this by identifying above all the features associated with the moral dimension, beginning with what is written in his last book, Arm yourself with knowledge (Raffaello Cortina Editor, 2021).

“Arming” with science, and competing with the weapons of knowledge, does not mean embracing a religion or deifying the world by ruling Misunderstanding the sense of powerIn fact the opposite is true. There is no dogma or fact that, under certain circumstances, cannot and should not be called into question, there is no expert whose claims should not be checked and substantiated. It simply means recognizing in a way – scientific, empirical, transparent, and repeatable – the proprietary way of producing the blocks of knowledge with which we build our societies. political decisions That takes into account scientific evidence can help build or rebuild a relationship of trust between science, politics and citizens.

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Talks will continue on Saturday (November 12), 9pm, with Francesco Piccolo, well-known writer and screenwriter, who will hold the meeting. From literature to cinema: the feel of writingto close on Friday (November 18th), 9pm, with Story craftingStefano Masini will attempt to shed light on how and why the human need for narrative arises.

The meeting is free. To participate, you must book online at the website www.fondazionecarilucca.it starting tomorrow (November 2).

Elena Cattaneo She is a professor of pharmacology and co-founder and director of the Stem Cell Research Center UniStem at the University of Milan. He directs the Laboratory of Stem Cell Biology and Pharmacology for Neurodegenerative Diseases at the Department of Biosciences at the University of Milan in agreement with the National Institute of Molecular Genetics. She is known for her disease studies HuntingtonIt works on them with the aim of understanding their pathogenic mechanisms, slowing their course or preventing their onset.

She is the author of books Every day between science and politics (Mondadori, 2016) and Armed with science (Cortina, 2021). An academy in Lincei, on August 30, 2013 she was appointed Senator for Life by President Giorgio Napolitano.

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