The new flyer is irresistible, beware of July 25

The new flyer is irresistible, beware of July 25

A wave of comfort in conjunction with summer. A wind is blowing to show the pockets of Italians who thank them

One of the most famous supermarket brands by the Italians. The German company, the leader in the discount sector for many years, has now firmly taken root in our country. Italian clients and citizens and abroad, In this case, they appreciate it And not a little ongoing offers proposed to them. Often products are not available Elsewhere ensures the right combination of quality/price.


The latest initiatives of the German company They have spoken a lot in our country. Incredible success for many For example for Lidl shoes that were around a few months ago, it was a product that was immediately directed into the collector’s field with items that actually sold out within a few minutes. Finally, the records They told us about a very important initiative that is related to even the sale of an electric car with a predetermined monthly payment.

In short, a company that looks to the future This allows their loyal customers to find any type of item in their stores. In fact, clothes, appliances and everything from Lidl can always be bought at affordable prices and are subject to constant and very interesting offers. Brand strength Perhaps it is only that, the breadth of choice, realistically certified quality and always incredibly advantageous prices.

But the surprises are definitely not over yet Here, the last days of waiting before the new Lidl flyer arrives with many surprises for the most loyal customers and more. clearly prices, infinite comfort He will be in first place. In short, Italians are looking forward to next week to finally be able to compare themselves with the many promotions by German brand Among the absolute leaders in the Italian market.

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At Lidl, summer means rest: all shows are in the field from next July 25

Among Lidl’s summer offers We find for example a great table fan at only 20 euros, obviously based on availability, considering that the article is gone I literally picked up so far For convenience and convenience. Ultra-high temperatures and respective fan functions, with three selectable speeds Let the object itself to be sold out really surprisingly fast.

Obviously, Lidl’s discounts don’t end there. Maximum attention to those who are going on vacation and clearly need everything they need to support the days of rest they deserve in a certain sense. It should also be emphasized The current promotion that witnesses many discounts until next July 24 for what matters to the food department in Watch out for grilled meatin this period of the year it is especially chosen by the Italians for its outdoor barbecue.

But not all food In short, the unmissable offers in all other sales segments will start next July 25. Each department will have a nice promotion and another reason to visit. Here is a detailed list subordinate Offers to be suggested by Lidl To his clients in a few days:

  • Camping hammock or mosquito net – 11.89 EUR
  • Telescopic flight poles – 2 pieces – €22.99
  • Salad bowl, plate or cutlery set – 2 pieces – 0.99 €
  • Pot set with lid – 3 pieces – 8.99 €
  • Pocket knife / camping cutlery – 4.99 €
  • Pocket knife – 4.99 €
  • Gas stove or camping lamp – 14.99 EUR
  • Multifunctional LED lamp – 9.99 €
  • Sleeping bag – €19.99
  • Folding Beach Chair – €12.99
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Numerous discounts, taking into account the time period also for the horticultural department. Lots of tools e Products to buy To take care of the green spaces in your home:

  • Rechargeable lawn or bush scissors – €17.99
  • Chain saw replacement chain – €9.99
  • Outer cushions – 50 x 50 cm – €5.99 each
  • LED Lantern for Outdoor Decoration – 7.99 €
  • Pruning shears – 3.99 €
  • Gardening bag – 6.99 €
  • Electric saw – 69 euros
  • Garden umbrella – 260 cm diameter – 59 euros
  • Wooden shelf for flowers and plants – 19.99 EUR
  • Garden chair – 59€

Summer Lidl In short, it promises to be absolutely overwhelming. The shows are already driving Italians crazy. In a few days the stores will be full more than ever Promotions that can’t be missed.

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