More accidents, queues and complaints due to changes at point AP-7 in Barbera where 8 trucks collided

The accident happened Monday afternoon With eight trucks involved, brought the AP-7 back into the spotlight. The country's main road artery has already been at the center of debate since the toll was removed, leading to the closure of the road Noticeable increase in traffic, especially trucks.

Now, comes the controversy over one Change in path configuration Which he did three months ago Ministry of Transportation, Right at the point where the multiple accident occurred on Monday.

And Close to Barbera del Vallesa section towards the south where it is located Four traffic lanes. Previously, vehicles traveling south in the third lane – the second on the right – had the option of turning right and taking C-58, or left and continuing on AP-7.

However, with the change, the option to continue with AP-7 and drivers disappeared They were forced to head towards C-58.

Change in route configuration applies from November (3Cat)

This causes Surprising maneuvers for those who want to go to AP-7 Also, vehicles and trucks traveling on the far right must cross two if they want to continue along AP-7.

The association with the C-58 is the absolute worst“There are many passenger cars that want to join the right and trucks that want to go straight,” criticizes Juan Quiro, the truck driver.

Monetize and retain risk

On the Internet, many ordinary users have criticized the change from day one, confirming that it is not just It creates dangerous situations But also Causes retention Where before it was only intermittent.

“There are always accidents or vehicles breaking down, and it gets worse every day,” he says regretfully. Fernando LexaHe is a truck driver and regularly drives on the road. Juan Gabriel Perez“This highway is very complicated; it is one of the worst roads in Catalonia. There are always accidents,” says he, who is also a truck driver.

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he Catalan Traffic Service Calculations indicate that since November, the duration of detention has tripled The accident rate at this stage increased by 10%.. Additionally, it refers to the change in lane configuration that was made in November One of the possible causes of the accident On Monday, he points out that this is not the first accident or accident that trucks have been exposed to at this stage in recent weeks.

In fact, he asked the Ministry Which goes back to the original configuration of the corridors.

Eight trucks and two cars were involved in an accident on Monday (3Cat)

The Ministry is studying options to improve the security situation

For his part, he said: Ministry of Transportation Defense that was previously modified Avoid traffic jams Some vehicles tried to infiltrate the entrance to the B-30 at the last minute.

They claim that since the change occurs, user behavior is tracked Gain fluency.

The Ministry also says that it is registered that ““d'un monorail tram” Where they pass Many heavy vehicles For this reason, it is studying “route configuration options to improve road safety in the department,” as it believes that This measure is temporary It is under ongoing study.

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