Police operation in Gelida against copper thieves who escaped

Police operation in Gelida against copper thieves who escaped

BarcelonaSince mid-afternoon, residents of Geleda, in Alte Penedès, began to worry when they saw a Mossos de Escodra helicopter flying over the city without stopping. The fact that Brians Prison is located a few kilometers from the municipality has raised the concern of many citizens in the event that the reason for the police presence was the presence of a person in the village who escaped from prison and hid in one of the narrow streets. belonging to the municipality or within one of the surrounding forests. However, this hypothesis is very far from reality, because to understand what a police service of this size was doing among a population of just over 6,000 inhabitants, it was necessary to look towards the AP-7 highway that passes through the city.

As municipal sources explained to ARA, during a routine surveillance operation on the highway, Mossos d’Esquadra could have identified the copper thieves. Agents would have found that inside the car were several meters of copper and Mossos suspected it had been stolen from a nearby business. When they were discovered, according to the same sources, as well as some neighbors, the members of the car tried to escape, and at least one of them succeeded.

At that time, according to sources close to the local police, the Mossos began Operation Cage: a helicopter began flying over the city and began controlling the entrances and exits of the municipality to try to locate the fugitive. Although the helicopter was no longer flying over the area due to the lack of light, it was not possible at the present time to confirm the arrest of the fugitive.

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This operation comes just five days after the theft of copper in Montcada Piforcasio that caused chaos on the railways in Rodales in the middle of election day.

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