Cagliari – Verona 0-1: Live news live

Cagliari – Verona 0-1: Live news live
  • Where the match will be held:

    Stadium: Unipole Domus
    City: Cagliari
    Capacity: 16,233 spectators14:05

    Unipole DomusFonti: Getty Images
  • Welcome to the live match of the 30th round of the Italian League, where Cagliari and Verona face each other.14:05

  • Cagliari returns from a 0-1 defeat away to Monza, while Verona returns from a 1-3 defeat at home to Milan.14:07

  • Cagliari lineup (4-3-2-1): Scovit – Zappa, Dossena, Mina, Augello – Nandez, Macombo, Diola – Luvumbo, Shomurodov – Lapadula.14:08

  • Verona formation (4-2-3-1): Montipo – Czachoua, Dawidovic, Magnani, Caballe – Serdar, Duda – Mitrovic, Foloronccio, Noslin – Bonazzoli.14:09

  • Pancina Cagliari: Radunovic, Aristi, Viola, Prati, Hatzidiakos, Oristaniou, Yankto, Viteska, Slimane, Aubert, Kingston, Azzi, Gaetano, Di Pardo.14:11

  • Chiesa, Pirelli, Lazovic, Henry, Swiderski, Centonzi, Vinagre, Dani Silva, Suslov, Charles, Coppola, Cisse.14:11

  • Ranieri picks: Shomurodov confirmed alongside Luvombo, both backing Lapadula. In midfield, Nandez and Deola are next to Makombo. Space behind Augello on the left lane.14:13

  • Baroni's picks: Mitrovic's debut from the first minute in attacking midfield with Folorunshu and Nuslin completing. In defence, Cabral plays on the left flank with Chachua emphasizing the right flank.14:13

  • Hellas Verona are unbeaten in their last eight Serie A matches against Cagliari (5 wins, 3D), keeping clean sheets in three of their last four matches; Sardinia's last success dates back to November 5, 2017 (2-1 thanks to goals from Luca Cipitelli and Paolo Farago who responded to a Gialloblo goal by Bruno Zuculini).14:14

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  • In the three-point-for-win era (since 1994/95), Hellas Verona have won 10 of their 17 matches against Cagliari in Serie A (D4, L3), more than any other team this season in the competition. In particular, after the two successes in the last two matches against the Rossoblu in the tournament, the Venetian team was able to win several consecutive matches against this opponent for only the second time in the summit tournament after achieving it between 1999 and 2013 (also three in this case).14:14

  • 1'

    The first half of the Cagliari-Verona match begins!15:02

  • 5'

    Physical problems for Mina: Cagliari's medical staff had to enter the field to receive medical treatment.15:06

  • 8'

    The match is very physical: the two teams study each other, find out a little about each other and focus above all on the duels.15:10

  • 12'

    Cagliari's first chance with Lapadula, who shot the ball with his left foot: Serdar did well to save the Sardinian midfielder's score.15:15

  • 16'

    Cagliari are dangerous again, this time with Shomurodov, well served by Nandez: the Uruguayan cross is accurate, the Uzbek score is not. 15:19

  • 19'

    First corner for Verona: Mitrovic tries from a long distance with his right foot, but it goes over the crossbar.15:21

  • 24'

    Another excellent starting point from Mitrovic, who failed to finish the match properly: Cagliari defend with structure and try to resume play, relying above all on Luvombo.15:27

  • 27'
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    Yellow card for Ondrej Duda.15:28

  • 31'

    Goal! Cagliari – Verona 0-1! Federico Bonazzoli network! Excellent starting point from Nusslin down the right lane: the Scala winger sends in an incoming cross to introduce Bonazzoli who, from the outside, fires a volley, beating a less-than-perfect Skovit. Guest benefit.

    Take a look at Federico Bonazzoli's player profile15:43

    Federico BonazzoliFederico Bonazzoli
  • 36'

    A timid reaction from Cagliari that failed to make a tangible impact: Luvombo is undoubtedly the most lively, but at the same time not very precise.15:43

  • 40'

    Great counter-attack for Verona with Bonazzoli moving Foloroncio perfectly: The Napoli-owned midfielder is unable to score the second goal against Scovit, but the Cagliari goalkeeper is also good when he comes off.15:43

  • 44'

    A good moment for Cagliari looking for an equalizer: an excellent springboard from the usual Luvombo who cannot serve as Shomurodov wants, and is left alone in the penalty area.15:47

  • 45'

    Two minutes of stoppage time allowed!15:48

  • 45'+2'

    End of the first half of the match between Cagliari and Verona: Bonazzoli scores for the visitors.15:52

  • The first half was not exactly exciting in Cagliari, but it was illuminated by a real gem created by Bonazzoli: a shot from outside the field from the Verona striker that opened the match, which had been completely obscured until then. The home team timidly tried to restore balance to the situation, but the first half ended in a 0-1 draw.15:50

  • Cagliari could come off the bench to try to re-establish the tie: Gaetano and Oristanio are above all motivated, but they are also keeping an eye on Sviderski in Verona.15:51

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