Never throw it into a separate waste collection: the damage to the environment is impressive

Never throw it into a separate waste collection: the damage to the environment is impressive

Did you know that there are some items that you should never throw in the recycling bin? They cause great harm to the environment!

For several years, waste has been collected separately daily throughout Italy. Over time and with the addition of new materials, it became clear that throwing everything in one bag will only harm the environment when the latter ends up in landfills. For this reason, in order to preserve the safety of the environment itself, we find ourselves making different bags to throw things in, properly.

However, not everyone carries out this activity with due attention. Let's see together What items should never be thrown into a separate waste collection?Because it can cause damage to the external environment.

Items that are not collected separately for waste collection: be very careful!

When we decide to apply it Waste sortingWe should know all the things to put inside it. For this reason, since many things change their “category” of affiliation depending on the municipality, it is best to follow the latter's directions. In fact, the municipality provides a guide for collecting waste separately, specifying the chosen “envelopes” for everything placed inside.

Well, let's see together which things don't really belong in the separate waste pile. Many people make mistakes all the time!

Objects that are not collected separately
All things that are not collected separately for waste (

Among the things that should not be placed in a separate waste collection, we definitely find the following:

  • Receipts. Let's start with something very simple that we deal with every day in our lives, even when we buy food from the supermarket. The latter, made of paper, actually contain a type of ink that is really harmful to the environment, which serves to avoid erasing what is written on the receipt, showing it as “proof” of a possible error in the supermarket or to understand how much you have spent. For this reason, they should be thrown into unsorted waste.
  • Polystyrene. There is a lot to say about this object and we can simply end it by saying that it very much depends on the municipality it belongs to, but usually it should be thrown in the trash.
  • Pyrex. This material, as is known, reacts very well to high temperatures, and therefore is difficult to melt, as happens with glass. That's why when we have to dispose of it, we have to choose the right trash: unsorted waste.
  • Batteries for the remote control and flashlights. The latter have mercury inside them, which is unlikely to be removed from the environment and may even become very dangerous for the latter. For this reason it is best to put them in an envelope and take them to the eco-island.

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