“Kate Middleton lives as a prisoner.” dreadful words

“Kate Middleton lives as a prisoner.”  dreadful words

The Prince Harry Back to the royal family’s attack. Husband Meghan Markle He returned to point the finger, from America, against his family, warning: “Kate Middleton live as one prisonerThe Duke of Sussex, often at the center of royal controversies this time, appears to have defended his brother-in-law May, Prince William.

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Harry would have confirmed it Kate Middleton live as one prisoner to me Kensington Palace, she had to deal with many prohibitions due to the role she occupies. An expert journalist on royal families, Ingrid Seward, spoke on True Royalty TV. It seems Prince Harry said that Prince William’s wife is forced to live without any freedomnot even in her own home, between her husband and three children George, Charlotte and Louis.

The reason for the movement

and for this, William and KateThey would have decided moving Elsewhere: In the heart of London, Kate couldn’t even take a simple stroll. “The couple are looking for the freedom they never had at Kensington Palace,” the reporter said on the small screen. I remember Harry telling a friend of mine that Kate was almost a prisoner there.

but that is not all. Then the reporter added: “They have one Beautiful house and garden, but behind that park there are hundreds of people every day and they enjoy tremendous security. Kate can no longer walk in the park like Diana did. Times have changed. Everyone knows what you are doing and where you are.”

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Precisely for this reason, by the end of the summer, the Dukes of Cambridge will move to Adelaide Cottage, in the English county of Berkshire, where they will surely regain some freedom. A decision that even Harry and Meghan have tried to make to regain the privacy they deserve. In the new residence Kate Middleton He will be able to count on the support of his parents Carol and Michael, who live only 45 minutes away. A position he dislikes very much, Prince Charles is troubled by the dismissal of his son William, his daughter-in-law and his three grandchildren, who cannot see how his son-in-law is due to the many commitments on the agenda.

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