GF Vip, Live Stream Episode 25: Surprise for Aldo Montano

GF Vip, Live Stream Episode 25: News, minute by minute, day by day

BIG BROTHER VIP, Live Stream Episode 25 – Monday, December 6

23.00 The first important person to escape is Jessica

22.59 It is time for the first verdict

22.50 Televoto closed, in the nomination there are Lulu Selassié, Jessica Selassié and Patrizia Pellegrino

22.43 For Signorini, Sophie suffers from causative man syndrome and asks Gianmaria for a comment: “When we let ourselves go we’re fine, in the morning when I wake up I’m probably ashamed. I’m having conversations with everyone but her”

22.41 Signorini asks her why she needs a blonde wig to let herself go “Charlotte’s Tsina game – Sophie explains – but I would have done it even without her. We have a very special relationship, and there’s a lot of attraction but we can’t stand there on the veranda to start a conversation, I don’t know if it’s shyness”

22.38 Clip the firefight between Sophie and Gianmaria. When Codegoni wears a blonde wig, she transforms and becomes Charlotte

22.27 Surprise for Aldo Montano, there is a video of his wife Olga

22.15 Montano: “It bothers me because I don’t feel impartial, and I don’t put myself in the middle of discussions. Others like to be in the middle, Soleil more like that. I expose myself for the things I think they deserve.” Soleil: “I appreciate your character as an athlete and an outsider, but I think there are those who occupy some positions, as a competitor in moments you chose to be neutral, but I liked you more when you revealed yourself. I appreciate when you said there is no relationship between us, I admire you when you reveal yourself.”

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22.12 Face to face between Montano and Sully, the hero who is known as the neutral of Switzerland

22.10 Line up the house

22.01 Mansi apologized to Lulu and kissed them. Signorini asks Lulu why she didn’t apologize after calling her an “idiot”: “No, because I find it absurd to judge my panic attacks.” Signorini asserts: “If you call someone an idiot, you have to apologize”

21.58 Let’s review the clip of the fight between Maria Mons and Lulu

The tension in Gf Vip almost ends in the hands of Lulu and Maria Monet. Tenants were forced to divide them

21.56 Unleash the Jukas Kisses by Valeria Marini

21.51 Hot weekend home, let’s review the Dance Evening clip

21.48 Enter the Mosul studio. A few minutes ago, Alex Bailey got into a crisis and he can no longer manage this situation

21.44 Alfonso Singorini advances

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(Courtesy of the Italian press office Endemol Shine). A passion erupted between Gianmaria Antinolfi and Sophie Codegoni. The relationship between the two boys has always been very volatile, but in the past few days the two have been really close, and the many passionate kisses they exchanged proves that. Despite everything, Sophie still reiterates that she does not like Gianmaria who, however, does not seem frustrated in the face of these statements. On the other hand, according to the young woman, there were always some contradictions regarding the relationship with Giannamaria.

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“Gf Vip” gives Carmen Russo a moment of great happiness by taking her life back and allowing her to meet her lover, Enzo Paolo Turchi.

Surprises aplenty, and not just for the competitors who ended up with the nominations. The three “Vippone” on TV, Lulu Selassié, Jessica Selassié and Patrizia Pellegrino, will be the protagonists of emotional moments before finding out who’s leaving home forever.

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