Do you understand who is Aleandro Balde? Age, Job, Wife, Children, Private Life

Do you understand who is Aleandro Balde?  Age, Job, Wife, Children, Private Life

Aleandro Baldi is an iconic figure in Italian music, adored by 90s fans! Here are some interesting facts about this amazing artist. Since the turn of the century, the fame of his name has somewhat diminished from the enormous popularity it had enjoyed in the previous decade, when baldi was appreciated and adored throughout Italy. In fact, two of his songs won the Sanremo Festival and became part of the Italian Musicology Records. Do you know who he is and what he does these days?

Born in the beautiful city of Greve in Chianti in 1959, Aleandro Baldi was blessed with a life full of passion despite being blind from birth. His greatest passion? Music! He didn’t let his disability stop him from achieving his dreams.

Beppe Bigazzi gave him the opportunity to start his career in the world of entertainment by letting him take part in the Newcomers section of the Sanremo Festival, where he sang with passion with “E la nave va” getting a great second place!

In 1989 Aleandro made another attempt at the Sanremo Music Festival where the song “E sia cosi” took third place. But only in 1992, the singer achieved his goal, winning the largest singing competition of the year. That year, Baldi and Francesca Alotta took to the stage of Ariston with the song “Non amarmi”, which won the festival and became an instant hit.

Aleandro Baldi’s triumphant return to the Sanremo Festival in 1994 with the song “Passerà” was a momentous occasion as the winner was crowned. Sadly, her little presence as a singer has been minimal since then. However, Baldi still lives in his hometown and continues to make music to this day, filling the world with his passion.

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The Private Life of Alessandro Baldi

Aleandro Baldi is very protective of his privacy, preferring to stay out of the public eye and keep his private life to himself. There was wild speculation that Baldi was married with children, but no one ever saw them in public. However, people close to him have revealed that Aleandro has no intention of settling down and starting a family.

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