Intesa San Paolo, account holders angry: there is a risk of a mass exodus

Intesa San Paolo, account holders angry: there is a risk of a mass exodus

Intesa Sanpaolo is moving thousands of account holders to the digital bank Isybank. Customers are angry. Many did not know anything, and this is what happens.

You know when you open home banking and find it Communications from the bank? How many of you read it carefully? Most people ignore them, but this is a mistake Intesa Sanpaolo account holders are unlikely to make again.

Away from Intesa San Paolo, what’s happening –

Since last July 19, the bank has begun sending thousands of communications to all customers selected for the campaign Move to Isybank, The group’s digital bank. This step was not obligatory at all, it was survival Intesa was supposed to communicate by September 30 by calling the toll-free number 800303303. Those who did not read the message or did not do so carefully now find themselves forced to accept the move to Isybank.

Intesa Sanpaolo and transfer to Isybank

The choice fell on account holders who rarely use branches and are therefore mostly digital. People over 65 years old, owners of accounts over 100 thousand euros, as well as those who made more than ten transactions in the branch in the last year were excluded from the transfer.

Intesa Sanpaolo and transferred to Isybank
How to transfer to Isybank –

In fact, Isybank is a fully digital bank, without a supporting branch but also much more convenient. The tariff plan with Isybank is called IsyPrime and with the same operations it is more convenient than the costs incurred with Intesa. It costs 9.90 euros per month and allows withdrawals without additional costs from any branch As well as the ability to make instant transfers without additional costs.

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The transfer will be done automatically with the new bank which will deliver the new account code and IBAN to the customer. However, your credit and debit cards will remain active until they expire, after which they will be replaced by Isybank cards. Mortgages, loans, safe deposit boxes and savings accounts will remain linked to Intesa Sanpaolo.

According to many account holders, the methods for delivering the transfer were wrong. Intesa Sanpaolo responded that the methods indicated by the customer were used when signing the contract. Moreover notice was served in early time Give time to make that phone call that would prevent change.

What will happen now? Previous Intesa Sanpaolo account holders will be able to accept the opportunity to be part of a digital bank (with lower costs) or they will be able to decide to change the group and choose another institution with a branch in their city. Should you trust the Intesa Sanpaolo group or not?

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