To Ravarino “We do not fear mathematics between the mysteries of science and Dante’s mathematics – SulPanaro

To Ravarino “We do not fear mathematics between the mysteries of science and Dante’s mathematics – SulPanaro

RAVARINO – The tenth edition of Don’t Be Afraid of Mathematics is about to conclude with an eventful weekend, with exceptional speakers who will accompany the audience through puzzles and poetry.

s.Apatow March 26 at 5.30 pm in the theater c.omunale di Ravarino is in fact scheduled to hold a general conference for the professor. Bruno Demore, Lecturer at the Alma Mater of Bologna and the University of Bogota, World-renowned researcher As well as a recognized authority in the field of mathematics education. the professor. Demore will talk about “Mathematics puzzles small and big”, On an organized date as a natural result and conclusion Fourth National Conference on Mathematics Education Which will see during the day experts from all over Italy meet in Raffarino to discuss and give life to an important training course for teachers.

The formal conclusion of the review will be made Sunday March 27 at 5:30 pmalso in the Municipal Theatre, with conference lecture Dante and Modern Science by Professor. Antonio ZucoliProfessor of Physics at the University of Bologna and President of the National Institute of Nuclear Physics.

The Divine Comedy is a fundamental work of human culture, but within it there is no shortage of extensive contents of an encyclopedic nature and is rich in references to the scientific world: among the hidden references of the supreme poet we find in fact

The passages devoted to the structure of the universe and the laws of optics, wonderful but unknown phenomena such as spots of the moon and frequent reference to geometry (typical example: squaring the circle) are mentioned. Between music, readings and animation, Dr. Zoccoli will accompany us to discover some clips of the comedy where the connection between poetry and science is most apparent, developing a reflection that will not fail to spark the curiosity of those present. The appointment is made in cooperation with the National Institute of Nuclear Physics; On stage, in addition to prof. Zuccoli, actor Stefano Sabelli and musicians Manuela Albano (cello) and Luca Ioven (clarinet) will alternate between them. The texts and music will then accompany a display of drawings by Luca Ralli.

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Appointments will be held in the presence of the Teatro Municipal de Raffarino (Piazza Martiri della Liberta): Meetings are free and free Also subject to availability It will also be possible to attend by remote connection thanks to the live broadcast. For information and reservations:

“The 10-year edition – finally back in attendance and with excellent comments – confirmed that this review has now become a key date for our community, and has managed to create a positive relationship between the world of scholarly culture and the wider audience.” pointing to Moresia RebicchiMayor of Raffarino. Formula – Rebecchi continues – It is appreciated because it manages to engage adults and children, who are enthusiastic about the subject and simply curious thanks to assignments of high academic value in a fun and interesting atmosphere. It has been a real relief, after the forced interruption due to the pandemic, to see this year confirmation of the excellent level of participation of so many citizens in our appointments, both face to face and online.”

The revision is promoted by the Municipality of Raffarino under the auspices of the Emilia-Romagna Region, Province of Modena and the Regional School Office, and is organized in cooperation with the Comprehensive Institute IC2 Raffarino and Sintab. Moreover, the 10-year edition is also made possible thanks to the contribution of the MUR-Ministry of University and Research. Investigation of the 10th edition of the “We Don’t Fear Mathematics” review sees contribution: Assicoop-UnipolSai; Agora Winery Association “Marchesi di Ravarino”; Serfwood Grandma Reserves. Osteria “Il Grano di Pepe”; Synergas.

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