When science becomes passion

When science becomes passion

There are places on Earth where you can feel on another planet. Wild and often unexplored places, remote and hard to reach places. But there is one such place not far and inaccessible: itEtnaIt is the highest active volcano on the Eurasian Plate. “several“, as the Sicilians call it,”our productWhich arouses fear and respect, but at the same time warms and embraces the municipalities that have grown up around it.

Photo by Mona Sangermano © MeteoWeb

Etna was selected for the Arches mission tests, with landers and robots being used for space explorations tested by the European Space Agency. It was a historic day for the Sicily volcano, which served as a test base for operations to be carried out in the not-too-distant future on the Moon or on Mars. We are from MeteoWeb We were there. We were there along with researchers from the German Space Agency and the European Space Agency. We’ve seen them run the tests as if they were on lunar soil. We saw them excited, As in the case of an astronaut Thomas ReiterAnd the That after he had seen Etna from space dozens of times, he was in the seventh heaven because he was finally able to walk on its land, very similar to the moon.

Together, we’re definitely excited, too. Because being able to witness such an experience is certainly not an ordinary occurrence; Moreover, the tests conducted while they are being conducted are unique: an extraordinary site like Etna, which hosts such an important showcase for the future of space research, is more of a unique event than a rare one. And the pride of being there in that moment is the feeling that remains pleasantly connected to our eyes, our hearts, our minds.

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Etna important arcs
Photo by Mona Sangermano © MeteoWeb

Today’s tests on the slopes of Etna will be indispensable for space exploration: the Arches project, of which the demo is a part, provides for sending astronauts to the Moon and Mars who will be able to direct robots to explore the still planets. Unknown. Today, Italian journalists had the opportunity to find out how all this would actually happen.

It may sound like a contradiction or contradiction in terms, but today we have proof that science can, and should also be, emotion. Seen apart from “common sense”, science must become a part of our daily lives and act as a driving force towards the future. Because it is one of the greatest expressions of human intelligence: We are because we believeAnd who can prove it to us better than the scientist who achieves a historical result?

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