Botti: “Milan has asked to play the derby with Inter on Monday. We have to…”

Botti: “Milan has asked to play the derby with Inter on Monday. We have to…”

The Calendar Director for Lega Serie A spoke on TL to also talk about the upcoming Milan derby that will take place on Monday

“The football product is a product for everyone, which generates huge exposure, particularly large, everyone benefits and interests generate pressure. I arrived in the league five years ago and I also have experience abroad, having worked in other clubs, and also in the second division.” “I am an experienced person and that is why I do this job in the league. “The structure of the tournament is related to four needs that conflict with each other: television sports, the need for public order, the need of the fans, and these four needs.”. Andrea Botti, The one responsible for the Italian League calendar, spoke on the QSVS channel and on the Telelombardia channel, and talked about the composition of the Italian League matches and also about the next match. Milan derby.

Derby Sol

«Milan-Inter is one of the best matches compared to the product we want to export. In this Milan-Inter We will have to show it to the entire planet and we must broadcast it on Sunday between 4pm and 5pm, when the Premier League broadcasts its best matches. If we do that, we will be accused of doing a favor to those not playing in Europe on Thursday, and therefore to Inter. The main match of the Italian championship, Juventus-Inter, due to attraction and habit, generated more than two million viewers and Milan-Inter could do more if they broadcast it on Sunday evening as well. But then we have the sporting needs of Milan, and the return of EL on Thursday with the possibility of extra time. Milan asked us to play on Monday. This match is broadcast by Sky, which is broadcast on Saturdays at 8.45 pm and 12.30 pm on Sunday and Monday evenings.“, he added.

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“Every weekend ten matches are broadcast. Declaring television rights requires broadcasters to select matches. To do this job, sensitivity and management are needed but broadcasters must alternate matches. DAZN and Sky traded the match, given the €1 million they paid. The match between Cagliari and Juventus will be broadcast on Sky, while the match between Bologna and Roma will be broadcast on DAZN. Therefore, the match between Cagliari and Juventus could be moved to Friday, and Sky will stop broadcasting on Monday evening on Saturday and Sunday at 12:30. To help Roma and Milan, who will play on Thursday, their matches should be played on Monday. The Association has no preconceptions and does not want to provide any service to anyone. The match between Roma and Bologna on Monday afternoon, at 6.30pm, is a sacrifice for the fans but benefits the sporting side who see it as an influential match in the Champions League battle. Public order must be observed. Milan accommodates large events even during the week. The police commissioner and the director agree that in Milan the match can also be played on Monday, and in Rome it cannot be played as a derby.”He explained again.

Inter Monza, Inter Cagliari, Inter Fiorentina, three games in 15 days. Milan plays three games in 11 days, four days apart in the first three. In the first ten matches, Milan faces all the big teams, facing Inter Milan and Roma. The champion will meet Borussia Milan on Wednesday evening, and the Rossoneri will return on Thursday and visit Genoa on Saturday. It didn't happen to others.

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