Both are in serious condition

Both are in serious condition

from Germany Black news also closely related to Italy comes: a 81 years old that would be He started shooting out of school, resulting in an injury 16 years old. Both are now said to be in serious condition. to StuttgartHowever, the Italian killed two people.

Elder shoots a 16-year-old in Bramash

As far as is known, the events took place around 7.30 am Tuesday, January 28, 2023 to BramashIt is an independent municipality with a population of just over 30,000 in Lower Saxony. The news was confirmed and reported by La Presse by a police spokesperson Osnabrück district.

An 81-year-old Italian, who has been living in Germany for a few years, would appear outside the school with a gun and He shot a 16-year-old boy. Investigations are still ongoing and the motives are unknown.

Bramsche is located in northern Germany, between Dortmund and Hanover

The 81-year-old Italian attempted suicide

Immediately after hitting the young man, who was 81, he shot himself and then fired. But the suicide attempt did not end, and the man survived.

Both are now in hospital and according to the police spokesperson they are in very serious condition. From the first investigations, it was revealed that the two would know each other: Both of them will live on the same street in Bramash.

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Prosecutor Alexander Rittmeyer said the 81-year-old is now under investigation for attempted murder and will be arrested as soon as his condition allows.

In Stuttgart, the Italian would have killed two people

The Bramash affair is not the only black news page in Germany involving an Italian. Also today, it appeared that a man was going to kill two people and They set fire to an apartment in Stuttgart.

The police are investigating the case that the dynamics are still unclear. Italian, A.; 45 yearsin front of the building where the fire started, with two knives in his hand.

Bild newspaper reported that the two victims were a 32-year-old man and a 53-year-old woman who died despite rescue efforts. The authorities did not reveal the identity of the suspect. It was alleged that the police fired shots prior to his arrest, without in any way hitting him.

But in December, two Italians were killed in Albstadt: a 52-year-old citizen later confessed to the murder.

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