Neo-Nazis, alcoholics, already reported by the prosecutor’s office: this is the 32-year-old who killed three people in Rotterdam

Neo-Nazis, alcoholics, already reported by the prosecutor’s office: this is the 32-year-old who killed three people in Rotterdam

that it 32 years which he declares Neo-Nazisa alcoholic with Mental problems He is already known to the police Animal abuse The man who opened fire first in an apartment Thursday afternoon RotterdamIn the HollandThen he was killed inside Erasmus Medical University Teacher, 46 years oldOne woman And the Daughter, 14 years old. According to Dutch media, the killer was identified, who was stopped by elite forces shortly afterwards and arrested Fouad L.He is a former student at the university where the attack was launched and a regular visitor to the platform 4chanis usually used by Hater And come on Right-wing extremist groups International Vehicles Violent, racist and anti-Semitic messages.

But what has emerged in the past few hours, that plays a role The ability to control From the authorities Topics with interest for them Social dangeris the fact that the man has been showing signs of infection for a long time Troubled personalityso much so that the Dutch Public Prosecutor’s Office had mentioned His case at Erasmus University Hospital where he was a student, and they were invited to assess whether it was appropriate to grant him a medical degree. In the Public Prosecution’s letter to the university, the date of which is unknown, it was stated that Fouad L. He had been convicted of animal cruelty, and had shown signs of disturbed behaviour, including… Lying half naked on a pile of leaves In his garden he lets out loud screams. They were found on his cell phone Far-right symbols And pictures Stabbing people. Dean of the University, Stefan SliverHe explained that the university “took seriously” the prosecutor’s warning and proved that the 32-year-old, despite passing all the exams, had to take a test. Psychological test Before you can graduate. The decision was communicated to the student who complained about it in a chat on 4Chan, in a post she made last May titled “Political persecution of men with Asperger’s.”

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However, the same enthusiasm was not put into it monitoring on the matter, despite his own claim of guilt Torture a rabbit Because of the neighbors’ video. According to media reports, he received a warning from the authorities in 2018 for doing so Killing a fish with a crossbow. In 2021 he was reported for throwing a rabbit into a tree. Officers found his home dirty and with a lot of animal feces. Two crossbows were found. According to friends and acquaintances, one of the victims, who was also his neighbor, reported the man several times for the mistreatment of his animals, his dog and several rabbits. Only the name of Marlos, 39, was leaked.

According to the dynamics provided by the police, the student shot at Erasmus Medical Centre From the city and in house nearby. In the apartment he hit and killed someone 14 year old girl The latter’s mother is 39 years old. He then lit a fire and headed to the hospital room, where he pointed the weapon at her 46 year old man, teacher at EMC. He was the third victim who was killed instantly. Law enforcement initially said he was wearing clothesfightingHe was tall, with black hair, and was carrying a backpack, but it is currently believed that he only had one firearm in his possession and there is no indication that he had any accomplices. Prosecutor Hugo Helenar He announced that he was cooperating with the police after his arrest.

“I heard gunshots and screaming, that was it panic Everywhere. “We ran towards the exit and left all our personal belongings,” he told ANSA. Benjamino Vincenzoni24 years old, Italian doctor residing in the Netherlands and working at the University Hospital. He added: “The arrested man entered one of the hospital classrooms and opened fire on a doctor who was also a teacher there He called by name He added before he was shot.

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Rotterdam is no stranger to similar incidents, and they are usually attributed to them Systems Accounts between Drug smuggling gangs His competitors. In 2019, three people were shot dead on a tram UtrechtWhile in 2011, he shocked the country when he was 24 years old Tristan van der Vlies Six people were killed and 10 others injured in a violent clash in the area Shopping Center crowded. Both the Dutch Prime Minister Mark Ruti Both expressed by King William panic And pain For the victims. Erasmus Medical Centre, after launching an appeal on social media asking people not to go to hospital, has finally announced that all appointments scheduled for Friday will take place. like is expected.

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