Kenya, a boat capsizes at sea: the Italians rescued

Kenya, a boat capsizes at sea: the Italians rescued

An Italian tourist with reserved expectations

She is a tourist of Italian nationality, who has not yet been declared out of danger: her conditions are defined as “stable”. Our compatriots who were on the boat were brought ashore thanks to the intervention of Kenya Wildlife Service rangers and were assisted at health facilities in Watamu and Maldini: they are not in serious condition.

“We treated some tourists – said the general manager of Garuda Resort, a building in the area, Guido Bertoni -. They were in shock and reported only slight bruises. From the hotel we saw the capsizing of the boat, which was triggered by an anomalous wave: nothing like this happened in Watamu “.

At least three Kenyan citizens have died

At least three Kenyan citizens were killed in the shipwreck and it is not clear how many people were taken to hospital after the accident. According to local sources, there were 15 Kenyans on board: the victims were a boy, a girl and a woman, it was said without specifying their ages.

The statement of the Italian doctor

An Italian doctor, Franco Guzzi, was on the scene and said he “saw four or five boats in the distance and soon after a big turbulence. One capsized and the others were trying to get their occupants he ended up in the sea 2. Within a few minutes, I reached Also the marine park rangers ship.” First, Kenny landed on the beach with a girl who was already in desperate conditions, in severe hypothermia, and then, invariably, an African woman, dying. An Italian who was struggling to walk finally arrived. He expelled a lot of water from his lungs, and then I convinced him to go to the hospital for treatment.”

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