Borsa Italiana, Commentary on July 10, 2023

Borsa Italiana, Commentary on July 10, 2023

Some thoughts Among the banking sector headlines: The rise of BPER Banca stands out. An excellent start for FinecoBank. Quiet start for Stellantis

The main indices of the Italiana Stock Exchange and the main European financial centers started the week with Partial discounts.

At 09.15 FTSEMib It decreased by 0.31%, to 27,691 points, while it declined FTSE Italia All Share It was down 0.32%. minus sign also for Medium hat from FTSE Italia (-0.22%) f Star of FTSE Italy (-0.56%).

the Major US stock indices Partial declines were recorded in the last session of the week. The Dow Jones fell 0.55% to 33,735 points, while the S&P500 fell 0.29% to 4,399 points. A minus sign is also for the Nasdaq (-0.13% at 13,661 points).

Beginning of the sales week Tokyo Stock Exchange. The Nikkei index fell by 0.61% to 32,190 points, after fluctuating between the lowest level at 32,066 points and the highest level at 32,559 points.

the Bitcoins It was confirmed at just over 30 thousand dollars (about 27,500 euros).

the BTP-Bund spread It rose above 170 points, with the 10-year BTP yield below 4.4%.

L’euro It stands at over $1,095.

Some thoughts in between Banking stocks.

rise of Bank Paper (+ 1.17% to 2.769 euros).

Great start for FinecoBank (+ 1.71%).

Quiet start to stellants (+0.02% to €16,212). As part of the second tranche of the share buyback programme, under the share buyback program announced on June 7, 2023, the auto giant announced that it had purchased between June 30 and July 6, 2023 2.82 million treasury shares at a weighted average price of €16.1379. , for a total amount of 45.51 million euros.

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