Do you know why contouring is never what you want it to be? Why is the color wrong!

Do you know why contouring is never what you want it to be?  Why is the color wrong!
The “classic” application of contour products –

Contouring is undoubtedly the makeup go-to of the new millennium, but there’s still no way people can go wrong!

What is known, very generally, is that Contour is used to sculpt facial features To make it look more symmetrical, to slightly modify the shape of the face or the parts we don’t like (such as the nose), instead of highlighting the parts we appreciate more.

In fact, they are created Dark areas and light areas To accentuate both the shadows and the “highlights” of the face. By learning to do it right, the results are truly amazing, as one absolute contouring gurus has shown for years: Kim Kardashian.

But those who do it on their own, without relying on a makeup artist on duty, can run into mistakes both small and large that not only make the entire makeup less effective, but can also end up making us ugly instead of making us feel. more beautiful.

Aside from the application techniques and blending of the products, there is only one method The basic rule that you need I know just so we don’t get it wrong at first.

The big mistake in determining shadows

Choosing the color to use to define and sculpt the shaded areas of the face is essential. behind It should be one tone darker Compared to the color of the skin, or the color of the foundation we usually use, it should be cool color: Any warm color would be wrong!

This is because The shadows that form on the face are always of a cold shade, any with Small percentages of blue or purple. Then the green light Dove gray to cool beige And fearfully approaches gray. Don’t worry: it’s the right color!

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Choosing contour colors -
Shades are always cool –

When do you use warm colors?

The only places where you can freely use warm colors are instead The ones where the sun beats naturally And that we want to color in order to appear slightly tanned, Bright and healthy.

It is no coincidence, in fact, that Create powder or cream bronzers in warm golden tones. This means that Bronzer should only be applied to the upper cheekbones And it will never be applied to the cool color used for contouring. clearly, You can also use bronzer for contouring, But this should be done only and only if we have already developed a very natural and uniform tan. If we are still too pale, the use of bronzers or warm colors to contour will inevitably lead us toMask effect!

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