Endesa is optimizing the Roses network to avoid power outages in the event of accidents

Endesa is optimizing the Roses network to avoid power outages in the event of accidents

Endesa is optimizing the Roses network to avoid power outages in the event of accidentsEndesa

Endesa is making improvements to Al-Wardu’s electricity network It absorbs more load and has an electric ring This allows light to be provided through alternative routes in the event of accidents to avoid power outages.

Technological improvement improves service and continuity of supply in the municipality by creating an electrical loop.

The work involved an investment of €51,000.

The company expanded a new medium-voltage underground line about half a kilometer long with a power of 25 kV along Salatar Street and Miguel de Cervantes and Cala Rostilla Streets.

This line can connect three existing conversion centers that have been isolated until now. This means the existence of an electrical loop, through which, in the event of a breakdown or network maintenance limitations, service can be provided via alternative routes.

Endesa reported that the new cable, in addition, isNew and more resistant technologyallowing the strengthening of the entire electrical network of the entire area, thus benefiting the customers of the three previously mentioned roads, Paseo Maritim and the streets of Juanot Martorell, Pedro Calderon de la Barca, Platja Salata, Jacinto Benavente, Sant Pau, Gula Estany and Punta del Pelegre, among which there are three hotels .

Technical improvements

Likewise, one of the ring transformation centers, located on Calle de la Cala Rostella, has been technologically repaired. The unit now contains cells encapsulated in a single cell Gas Of special characteristics isolations, which reduces the need for maintenance, as it self-renews, unlike oil, which is subject to gradual decomposition. This equipment, which is completely waterproof, has greater extinguishing capacity in the event of an accident, and is also safer for the technical personnel who have to work there.

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The goal is not only to modernize the infrastructure, but also to “leave it ready to be able to absorb more loads and thus strengthen the infrastructure.”Electrifying demand“It is a key aspect of accelerating the decarbonization process and facilitating the energy transition.”

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