Borsa Italiana, Commentary of May 30, 2023 hearing

Borsa Italiana, Commentary of May 30, 2023 hearing

A nervous session for bank stocks. Oil sector stocks are in the red. In the MidCap, Juventus FC’s positive performance stands out

The main indices of the Italiana Stock Exchange and the main European financial centres Experience partial changes. According to Pierre Ferret – technical analyst at ActivTrades – the agreement reached between US President Joe Biden and House Speaker Kevin McCarthy to temporarily suspend the cap has provided some relief for stocks, protecting the listings from further declines. “While this may temporarily end pressure on riskier assets, investors will likely remain cautious for some time as the deal still needs congressional approval,” he said.

at 15.50 FTSEMib It rose by 0.25% to 26,685 points, after it fluctuated between the lowest level at 26,508 points and the highest level at 26,807 points. At the same time FTSE Italia All Share He earned 0.23%. Minimum raises to Medium hat from FTSE Italia (+0.09%) f Star of FTSE Italy (+0.01%).

the Bitcoins It’s still less than $28,000 (about 26,000 euros).

the BTP-Bund spread fell below 180 points, with BTP return for ten years which fell below 4.2%.

L’euro It fluctuates between $1.07 and $1.075.

A tense session for bank stocks.

UniCredit It fell 0.5 percent to 18.57 euros. And the institute announced that in the sessions between May 22 and May 26, 2023, it had purchased 12.43 million treasury shares at a weighted average price of 18.5844 euros per share, with a total value of 231 million euros.

However, the positive performance of Monte dei Paschi di Siena (+ 1.16% to 2.09 euros).

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In FTSEMib, increases for Prismian (+ 3.78%) It is STM extension (+2.85%).

Positive tone for Juventus FC at MidCap (+4.74% at €0.305). Juventus announced that it had identified FIFA’s procedure in relation to the so-called “2019/2020 and 2020/2021” salary maneuvers with sports justice bodies, relations with certain sports agents, as well as some “alleged partnership”. Relationships “with other clubs. – A fine of 718.240 € to the company. In addition, Juventus FC will waive the appeal before the CONI Sports Guarantee College against the decision of the Federal Court of Appeal FIGC of May 22, 2023 in the lawsuit relating to the so-called “capital gains” .

Oil sector stocks are in the redafter the price of crude oil in New York (contract expires in July 2023) fell to $70 per barrel.

Where is it? It recorded a decline of 2.06% to 12.944 euros. also back off Tenaris (-2.78%).

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