Rudi Zerbi makes everyone cry: rivers of tears live on

Rudi Zerbi makes everyone cry: rivers of tears live on
Rudi Zerbi (photo by Mediaset Infinity) –

The ruthless Amici judge shows a crack in his armour: tears flow after the accident, and Zerbi can’t help himself.

selective Rudy Zerbi54, is a music critic and radio host best known for his role on the show friendsshowing herself without subterfuge.

after what happened, She can’t hold back her tearsAnd the person firm Known to the public turns into a man living his life emotional Without fear of external judgments.

In addition to the Amici di Maria De Filippi, he is famous for his role as a juror on shows such as Triumph processAnd you are a legendAnd Italy has talentAnd the winner isAnd Tu yes que vales. The new side of Rudi Zerbi was discovered during his interview with very right.

The video shows him crying with his hand in front of his mouth. Unable to express any opinion, which is a very rare case for a character like Zerbi. author Men and women more not back down, and I burst into tears In front of the announcer Silvia Tuvanen.

True passion for Zerbi

We know that Silvia Tovanen He often manages to bring out the emotions in his guests, while also keeping in mind the intent of the program Show the real peoplein its somewhat hidden aspects.

“I feel most satisfied when I see 4 of my childrenThis is the recorded voice of Rudy Zerbi, who the showman listens to no longer able to contain emotions, while watching pictures of his family scrolling on the LED screen. The story It does not end here.

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Rudi Zerbi crying in Verissimo studio (Instagram video frame) –

Al-Zerbi is influenced by his children: “They grow up together”

to understand the depth feelings Written by Rudi Zerbi, who emerges from the images of his children and from his own narrative voice, we must bear in mind what is special about him Relationship history. actually, Zerbi fathered his four children with three different womenwhich should not be easy in light of the social pressure to form a traditional family.

“Even if they have different mothers, they play, live and grow together … happy.”Thus, Rudy Zerbi’s recorded voice ends up satisfied with the offspring’s conviction despite being born of different mothers. There are two alternatives: the exceptional fatherly skills of Zerbi and the mothers of his sons, or the innate ability of young men to simplify life by taking them. Always the best.

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