Stellantis plans to build one or two battery factories in the United States

Stellantis plans to build one or two battery factories in the United States

stellants, Automotive group that was born from the merger between Fiat Chrysler and Besa, announced that it will need one or two battery factories in the United States to meet the demand for electric cars. This was stated by the first president of the group, CEO Carlos TavaresIn an interview with Reuters.

Stellantis: Tavares asserts that there will be a need for two more giant plants in the United States

Stellantis has already planned to build two battery factories in the US, one in Detroit and one in Canada, in collaboration with the Korean manufacturer. LG Energy Solutions. These two plants will have a total production capacity of 70 GWh per year, and they will supply batteries for the brands Jeeps, Rams, Dodges and Chryslers.

However, according to Carlos Tavares, these two plants will not be enough to cover the projected demand for 2030, when Stellantis aims to sell More than 4 million electric cars annually In the world. For this reason, the group is considering building one or two additional battery plants in the US, which could have a production capacity of 20-40 GWh each.

Carlos Tavares He also said that Stellantis is developing a new generation of batteries, which will have a higher energy density, less dependence on cobalt and a lower cost. These batteries will be based on NMC 811 (nickel-manganese-cobalt) technology and will be introduced in 2024.


Stellantis has therefore confirmed its strategy to electrify its product range, which expects to offer at least one electric or hybrid version of each model by 2025. The auto group also announced that it will invest 30 billion euros in the battery sector by 2030. We will therefore see in this regard what other news will come from the automotive group over the next few weeks.

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