Born, Stoltenberg Prize to accelerate the accession of Kiev. Zelensky would also like to receive an official invitation, but the United States and Germany refuse this

Born, Stoltenberg Prize to accelerate the accession of Kiev.  Zelensky would also like to receive an official invitation, but the United States and Germany refuse this

Agreement principle to expedite accession of Ukraine Once the war is over. veto United State And Germany On an official invitation already now. while he was President of the United States Atmosphere Biden Arrived in Vilnius, negotiations are continuing between the advisors of the Western countries in the light NATO summit To be held on Tuesday 11 and Wednesday 12 July in the capital Lithuania. On the one hand, in fact, the allies decided to eliminate a map For Ukraine – ie Membership business plan, the path of reforms needed to join NATO – when the time comes for Kiev to become part of the Atlantic alliance. The award is conceived by the Secretary-General jeans Stoltenberg To force the allies beyond the vague promise of a summit BucharestIn the 2008so it gets the green light from everyone: it expects, as Stoltenberg himself put it, to move from “two-stage” membership to a faster process with just one stage. Volodymyr Zelensky But he would like more: a clear reference upon invitation After the war, without condition or reservations. However, it seems unlikely that Ukraine will win: United States of America and the GermanyIn fact, they are defined asinsist on his opinionSo much so that Zelensky himself in a video message on Telegram, while confirming his presence in Vilnius on Wednesday, relaunched his plea: “Ukraine deserves to be part of the coalition. Not now, because now there is a war, but we need to clear indication And this signal is needed now.”

There is strong resistance from Germany to Ukraine’s outright invitation. The line is the same as in the US and on Sunday, when speaking to CNN Before leaving for Europe, Biden was clear, explaining what Three reasons From the American refusal: “Kiev is not ready to join NATO … it must be satisfied others requirements“, “nothing consensus Among member states “do it now” in the midst of a dispute would mean Go to war with Russia“, given the commitment to mutual defense of ‘every inch of NATO territory.’ For Washington and Berlin to get involved now would not make sense, LE unknown I am Still a lot. For example, the Ukrainian counterattack is progressing, but slowly. In Moscow they conjure every day Armageddon nuclear. Ukraine’s entry into NATO would be Very badAnd it will require a ‘firm’ response from Russia, Putin’s spokesman repeated for the umpteenth time, Dmitry PeskoFifth. In short, if the Kremlin does not have veto power over who can enter and who cannot – the Allies agree on this – then it is necessary Proceed with caution.

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Direct invitation is supported by several countries, foremost among them FranceAnd kingdom united And Poland. Germany was already againstBus LaneThis allows fast membership Ukraine to NATO with the abolition of the map, and Membership business plan. claim it Build Quoted from A.N internal document The German government and people familiar with the negotiations for Kiev’s accession to NATO. According to the confidential document, the United States “announced its agreement to abandon Ukraine’s” accession action plan “on condition More fixesEven the government Olaf Schulz He would thus accept the official cancellation of the Action Plan, but without agreeing to it Faster acceptance Ukraine at the end of the war. He shares the position of Washington and Berlin as well Madrid: The Spanish government considers that the future of Ukraine lies in the Euro-Atlantic space and defends the principle of “open doors” for NATO, but believes that there should not be plummet On Kiev’s accession to NATO. Sources from Moncloa stated that there could be no file automatic Linking the end of the conflict with the entry into Kyiv.

The package drawn up by Stoltenberg to find a point of contact between the progressives and conservatives in the coalition was judged “Adequate And balancedThe framework is then supplemented by “security guarantees”. bilateral That many capitals agree with each other – including Italy – and will be presented soon (maybe not in Vilnius, due to time constraints). Stoltenberg Prize, plus removal a mapwhich would prevent Ukraine’s accession from the “process In two stages to one stage in one stageThen the Annual Assistance Program is presented 500 million euros To make more and more Ukrainian forces Interoperable with NATO. And they affirm in the alliance that it is a step forward.”CementThen the political ties were strengthened with the establishment NATO-Ukraine Councilwhich will be launched on Wednesday, the second day of the summit, in the presence of Zelensky. Except for surprises.

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is removed a map Ukrainian Foreign Minister welcomed Dmytro coliba. After his announcement, he commented on Twitter: “It is a long overdue decision that shortens our path to NATO.” So only invitation node. Several years ago, in 2008, Ukraine was promised accession (to the alliance). But since then, NATO has done little to make that membership a reality. We believe that now it is Best Time for such a decision Call extension – On the basis that such membership can only take place after the validity of the prerequisites, ”explained Kuleba. “The Ukrainian president will make a final decision on the matter based on the results of the negotiations in the next few hours,” the Ukrainian minister concluded.

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