What is true about bad luck rules?

What is true about bad luck rules?

If something goes wrong, an error will happen.

there Murphy’s law is a series of Ironic pseudoscientific paradoxes who would organize Bad luck every day. Every time we are in a hurry we run into a red light. Every time we wash the car it rains. And every time we get a flat tire we have an important date. Briefly, “It is the actions we take that determine their failure.”.
clearly no It’s a real scientific law, but it’s only one Funny theory He tries to understand the little incidents that happen to us every day. But is Murphy’s Law fully fabricated, or is it based on fact?
Is there evidence that the universe is “conspiring against us”?

A Brief History of Murphy’s Law

Bad luck

What we fear most is a strong tendency to actually happen.
Theodor Adorno (1903-1969)

It was the scientist who invented these strange rules Edward Aloysius Murphya soldier in the US Air Force.
In 1949, Murphy experimented with the effects of rapid deceleration on pilots. To collect data, 16 electrodes must be placed on 16 parts of the body of the person being examined. The electrodes can be placed in two ways, only one of which is correct.

After the tests began, the technicians realized that they had not recorded any data, because all 16 electrodes had been positioned incorrectly. The scholar commented on the event this way:If there are two or more ways of doing something and one of them can lead to disaster, someone will surely choose that.“.
When this phrase came to the lecture of a military doctor John Paul StaubMorby’s law crystallized.

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Arthur Bloch These laws of pessimism were compiled into a satirical book containing a series of unfortunate episodes of everyday life.

The mathematical hierarchy of Murphy’s law

For an inventor’s canon, Murphy is highly structured: he even exists axioms And normal result!
the The first axiom Murphy’s Law speaks volumes: If something goes wrong, an error will happen.
There are 10 normal results like “Everything takes longer than you think. orEvery solution always creates new problems.. truly “If you anticipate four possible ways in which something could go wrong, and predict that it will happen, you will immediately detect a fifth.”.

Spilled coffee shirt

Have you ever wondered why the day you spill coffee is the day you put on your new dress? Well, because Murphy’s constant:”Things are damaged in proportion to their value.”.
according to Jomberson’s lawinstead of, “The probability of something happening is inversely proportional to the desirability of it.”.

Is there any truth to Murphy’s Law?

First, the fact that something happened unlikely This does not mean that it cannot happen on the first try or that it cannot be repeated soon. In some cases the same thing Probability calculation and the compatibility They provide an explanation for the events that happen to us. In other cases no.

Let’s take an example. If you wait a bus lateSoon, the three of them will come together.
Let’s imagine that the first bus leaves already late. This will stay longer at stops to catch all the people waiting and pile up. The second one (if you leave on time) will have less people to pick up at the different stops, so it will go faster and you will sooner get to the first stop. The same goes for the third bus that will line up shortly after.
In short, for this one thing clarification!

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Bus delay

Another example. How come when we are in a hurry to stop always red?
The traffic lights are synced so that we can catch a series of greens when going at a constant speed. If we are in a hurry, we speed up, then break the so-called “green lane” and catch the red! To explain this thing well, we have created a video that explains it in detail How do traffic lights work?.

Why is toast always next to jam?

In 1995 the English physicist Robert Mathews Many students participated in a an experience. They had to butter the toast and place it on a high table 1.5 metres. total 9000 toast were shot down and 6,101 of those were shot down with butter on the floor. So about 2 out of 3!

However, the experiment also included another test. Another group of children had to mark only one side of the toast with a marker, and mark it with a capital letter B (to ghee). Again, when let go from a height of 1.5 metres, the toast fell face down most of the time.
This proves that butter is not the culprit! Indeed, its weight is negligible. What really matters is that if a piece of toast falls 1.5 meters, it doesn’t fit time to turn twice. So the height of the fall determines which direction it will fall!


The speed of rotation of the toast that falls from our hands is usually too slow to allow it to rotate fully before hitting the ground.

Other times there is no answer to bad luck

Why does your car break down on your way to an important meeting?
In this case, there is nothing to say. The answer lies in the explanation myself from selective memory. Simply put, we only remember what interests us and forget about all the times a car brought us perfectly to our destination.

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In short, Murphy’s Law assertsAn unfortunate hypothesis, attributing it to more possibility than it actually is. It is completely purposeful Humorous. With examples of small everyday misfortunes, he makes sure that readers find themselves perfectly in these situations!
There is no law unfortunately that governs the universe. The only thing we can do is take it lightly. After all, as Murphy’s philosophy says: Smile, tomorrow will be worse!


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