Malago: ‘I risked a stroke, but now I’m out of danger’

Coney’s president told the National Council of his recent complications: “I was at high risk of stroke, and I was right to take the third dose”

“I had serious complications in the heart,” revealed Connie president Giovanni Malaghi, speaking to the National Council at Foro Italico. “On December 24th – says Malago – I went for a small eye surgery at the day hospital, and I had atrial arrhythmia, fibrillation, since I have a heartbeat I never felt. I was at risk of infection With stroke and stroke, I understood when in the end they gave me an EKG.”

But fortunately, the danger was identified before it turned into something serious: “They prescribed me some medication, after a few days of rest I came back to sahba and the diagnosis was confirmed. It went well, and I am out of danger.” However, Coni Number 1 did not understand the origin of the problem: “Now I no longer have a problem but the problem now is to understand why: 75% is an overburden of stress, 24% could be a coronary problem, it could be the resulting myocarditis About the vaccine is at 1% but it was left out of the tests. So I was right to take the third dose of the vaccine. I couldn’t tell you that story because you are my family,” Malago concluded.

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