“The Old Woman Applying Candy” by Raffaella Bertoglio, When Science and Spirituality Merge to Live Better

“The Old Woman Applying Candy” by Raffaella Bertoglio, When Science and Spirituality Merge to Live Better

When you approach a book like The Old Woman Who Caramelized Apples, Dr. Raffaella Bertoglio’s work on medicine, already from the front and back cover, we understand how further readings are necessary to understand its essence and depth.

It is not the writing, in itself flowing and which does not remain on medical scientific grounds, that demands greater care and commitment from the reader, as much as the plot, played out on several temporal levels, and the content.

The past and present intertwine in history, dragging us into dimensions now known, now to be discovered. And so we begin a journey through time, which, starting from afar, from the depths, from listening to ourselves, is destined to reach others in a constant call to knowledge: “It is necessary to know in order to progress and avoid the old mistakes that are only ours”. Everything must happen without seeing the end, “there is always beyond and somewhere else” waiting for us. A commitment we must not shirk from because “we cannot claim support if we do not have the strength to support ourselves”. It is necessary to make use of what is given to us without having to start over each time, which makes us realize that we are a group of cells, “each with its own story to tell”. Diving into the past, rediscovering the origins to understand today and prepare for a better tomorrow, this is the task that the author proposes to us, certainly not easy, and the female universe is the recipient because it is the only one capable, through its own mitochondria. to maintain its uniqueness. A clip from one woman to another in which privilege and responsibility unite.

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The male and female characters who revive the story reflect us in their feelings and actions, then distance themselves from it for a moment and return to convergence again in writing that combines science, spirituality, religion and psychology.

It is easy to understand how crafting the book required the author’s time and commitment to be able to deepen her knowledge and enrich her emotional world to give us an opportunity, not at all obvious, for growth that deserves all our gratitude.

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