June 3, 2023

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Blood and the Word: “Not the sword, but the word that lights the way.”

Cantata for voice recitation, solos, chorus and orchestra by maestro Niola Biovani: “Blood and Word” which the composer himself will perform for the first time – with orchestra and choir of Teatro del Opera di Roma, two voices by soprano Maria Agresta and Maria Rita Compatelli and voice of Andrea Benacci – in concert Which aired on Friday, July 22 at 21.20 on Ray 3, live from Quirinale Square, presented by Barbara Capone. The concert – which arose from the idea of ​​Maestro Biovani, promoted by the Constitutional Court and organized in collaboration with Ray and Teatro del Opera di Roma – will be held in the presence of the President of the Republic, the highest offices of the state and advocates of civil society.
Thus the opening continues outside the Constitutional Court in meeting civil society, getting to know and introducing themselves, and promoting constitutional culture. Even with the chant, as in this case. Promoting the concert, proposed by Maestro Biovani a year ago, is in fact part of the initiatives that the Court has taken in recent years – from the trip to Italy, in schools and prisons, to the podcast library – to reaffirm constitutional values ​​and grow, through knowledge, a “constitutional mindset” “.
The text of the chant was written with Paola Ponti and drawn freely from Aeschylus’ Eumenides, the Italian Constitution and the preparatory work for the Constituent Assembly.
In Eumenides, Aeschylus celebrated the principles of a civilization of law, dating back more than 2,500 years, when, in 621 BC, the first Athenian law established the first court in the city, thus creating a new order, entrusted no longer to vengeance and violence but to reason and speech and counter arguments. Our constituent mothers and fathers will restore these principles in post-war Italy, and they will become the core of the Italian Constitution.
So the opera is inspired by these two defining moments in history, where blood gives way to the word, the revenge of justice, and the war against peace. Values ​​that must be revived and defended today.
Hence the choice of the Quirinale as the venue for the ceremony was overlooked, side by side, by the two highest implicit institutions, the Presidency of the Republic and the Constitutional Court, the guarantors of those values.
The concert also includes the performance of the symphonic suites “La notte di San Lorenzo” and “La vita è bella”.

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