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Superstitions about black cats bringing bad luck when we meet them, and even worse when they cross the street, date back to the Middle Ages. A hard-to-die preconceived notion that November 17 is celebrated daily in many countries of the world, while October 27 is celebrated by cats with dark coats. At the same time, a new survey conducted in 25 different countries showed that house cats, regardless of the color of their fur, free the owners of the house from anxiety and bad moods, which is nothing but bad luck.
The preconceived notions that still drive many people when they meet a black-haired cat, as happens in Italy, the United States and Spain, must falter against many other countries, such as England, Scotland and Japan, where owning or being close to a cat is a sign of prosperity and luck , but the relativism of belief does not seem to be sufficient to disentangle it.
So seeing a black cat crossing the road is still a sign of doom.
The origin of the myths
Traces of this conviction can be found from the Middle Ages when horses at night were afraid of the eyes of yellow cats they encountered on the street. From here it seems that the legend Cats unite to the devil. In the same period for many Mediterranean peoples The black cat was associated with a demonic presence and a witch. We are still in the Middle Ages when several popes authorized their elimination because of their supposed proximity to the wicked. On the contrary, English sailors wanted to board the ship because they chased after bad luck and still today are for the English, Scots, and Japanese. Meeting a black cat on the street is a good omen.
In the complete confusion of habits, create black cat day The main goal is to break such beliefs and Increase confidence with all cats, regardless of breed, color and gender. The party also aims to motivate citizens to take an interest in it (Black cats are the least adopted and fill colonies of stray catsi) Discover the benefits of these little felines on humans and their number, which have been more accurately determined even by science.
Indeed, cats, including those with black fur, instead of bringing misfortunes, drive them away because they are able to make people forget about bad moods and reduce anxiety in their hosts, especially if they devote themselves to it. 15-40 minutes a day of pampering, games and foreplayAnd. The effectiveness of “cat remedies” was noted in a new survey published in recent days in the Public Library of Science’s journal Plos One.

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(Hansel and Gretel – Christmas 2020 – two twin cats adopted by an Italian family and found as dogs next to a rubbish bin where they were abandoned)

These advantages were counted in hundreds of families in 25 different countries, superstitious or not, including Italy, during a particularly difficult period of life, common to many of the world’s citizens: the lockdowns that occurred in 2020 due to the ongoing pandemic. Researchers from different countries brought together the trend of this long period in families with pets and described how the coexistence of humans and cats of every breed and coat brought luck to the same families, eliminating many tensions in two-thirds of the entire body. Sample, bad mood and fears of covid. Neither cat nor black has done any harm, possibly by infecting their dwellings with humans as someone suspects instead, On the contrary, it has caused many “healing” from the many psychological side effects caused by the epidemic Most of us suffer from infection, lack of work and forced closure.
In short, interacting with cats is a good thing and knowing that there is Black Cat Day on November 17 with many initiatives organized by hundreds of associations, batteries and shelters on the peninsula that take care of abandoned cats and organize spontaneous events, in defense of these felines are very close to all of us.

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