A terrifying confession from his father to Italian stories – Libero Quotidiano

A terrifying confession from his father to Italian stories – Libero Quotidiano

death Rossano Rubicondi, the showman and screenwriter who passed away at the age of 49, has been enriched with a heartbreaking new drama chapter. Now Rossano’s father speaks, Claudio Rubicondiwho spoke with him Italian stories, a program Eleonora Daniel Broadcast on Rai 1. And what it reveals is a punch in the stomach: Paolo Rubicondi, in fact, He explains that he only learned of his son’s death from a reporter’s phone call.

The point is that the relations between Ivana Trump and her family were not the best. In short, he didn’t even know that his son had died. With bright eyes, a Italian stories, explains Paolo Rubicondi: “We are just in despair. He spoke to me, even if rarely, but He didn’t tell me anything about the tumor Because it was always positive. In short, not even his father and family knew about the melanoma that killed Rossano Rubicondi.

And again, Paolo adds: “Rossano I called him Bokyo, which is to reduce the bud. He was not in conflict with me, but with his brother because he tried to scold him and told him not to do certain things. Ricciardo was more serious and straightforward, Rossano was accustomed to hanging out with everyone, and did not ask himself if they were women, men and gays ”, recalls his son with affection.

“This is not the time to take the blame from anyone,” Paulo resumes. Once again, he reveals that he heard Ivana Trump: “She called me yesterday and was crying. I already understood her a little because I don’t know English. I met her in Rome, Our relationship was excellent. A great woman, who was also a mother to him,” concludes Paolo Rubicondi in a truly heartbreaking moment on TV.

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