Science influencers: 33 work for an IEO

Science influencers: 33 work for an IEO

Milan, November 18th. (askanews) – There are 33 “scientific influencers” working at the European Institute of Oncology, who want to examine scientific production for just one year (2021), while their number is 20 if we consider the entire scientific profession up to 2021. This is what appears from the updated ranking of researchers Most Cited in the World by Scientific Journals (updated science author databases for standardized citation indexes) recently published by the Interdepartmental Group at Standford University (California) led by Professor John Iannidis.

The list is based on tremendous work by the Departments of Medicine, Epidemiology, Public Health, Statistics, Biomedical Data Science and the Meta Research Innovation Center, which analyzes and reviews bibliometric data drawn from the international Elsevier/Scopus database with various indicators and indications taking into account 22 medical and scientific specialties and 176 subspecialties. .

“It is important that influencers in medical science are reviewed and ranked – according to Roberto Orecchia, scientific director of the IEO, which is in both ratings – and this is excellent news because it also makes scientific progress transparent to the population. Not too much and not only thanks to the intuitive genius of a single researcher, But above all thanks to the careful construction of the many scientists who systematically share new data from one end of the world to the other through scientific work, until the end result.So not by public appearances, which in some respects are also important and necessary, but by By publishing research whose results the scientific world considers to be new, objective and reproducible.

“The recent update of this ranking is also good news for IEO and a reason for deserved satisfaction for all the medical researchers included in the ranking. Added to that is the satisfaction of seeing 3 medical researchers carrying out their IEO activities deservedly entered into another prestigious ranking relating to the current year, It is Highly Catered Researches 2022 of Clarivate Analytics. I assure you from my personal experience that it is not easy to do intense and stressful clinical activity and never forget to do research, study and publish. However, this commitment is the strength and uniqueness of IEO, which arose from the motto of our founder, Umberto Veronesi “Health is better where research is conducted”, concludes Orecchia.

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