Video game animators: 70% of jobs lost in China, AI preferred

Video game animators: 70% of jobs lost in China, AI preferred

In china search for Professional painters to video games decreased by 70% due to artificial intelligence. In fact, development companies have to collectively adopt AI, which is much cheaper and faster to use.

The report by Rest of the World is ruthless in showing the future of all those jobs that can be replaced by generative AI.

Illustrator Amber Yu, who earned between $430 and $1,000 per poster, said she’s seen her job prospects go down. Generative AI has not only been adopted by small studios, but also by giant companies such as Tencentwho began using the results obtained with Midjourney, Stable Diffusion, and other AI-based image generators, to design characters, backgrounds, and promotional materials.

Of course the goal is Cut costsalthough many companies, such as NetEase for example, still say they want to adopt new AI-based tools to support artists in their work, accelerating this.

Therefore, many artists were left at a dead end, with others feeling anxious about the emerging new market. “The way we made a living has been ruined,” a painter who has been involved in video games for years told the rest of the world. Another artist noted that AI has increased their productivity, but at the cost of more attrition.”

According to recruiter Leo Li, the search for illustrators has dropped by about 70% in the past year. It must be said that the reason is not only the adoption of artificial intelligence, but also the general slowdown in the Chinese and global economies. According to Li, company bosses may feel that they don’t need so many workers.

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Jeffrey Ding, a professor at George Washington University, believes that AI could eliminate a wide range of white-collar jobs: “Not just artists, but lawyers and writing services as well.”

Meanwhile, the Chinese government He began to take an interest in the cause, proposing an initial list of measures and declaring that the contents generated by AI should always reflect the foundational values ​​of socialism, which could lead to the banning of AI-based tools produced in the West.

the fact remains that what is mr Hayao Miyazaki Defined as an affront to life, art made by artificial intelligence is taking hold at unimaginable speed, with social consequences that won’t be long in coming.

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