Türkiye and Erdogan elections, 52.1%: He won the run-off against Kilicdaroglu

Türkiye and Erdogan elections, 52.1%: He won the run-off against Kilicdaroglu

The incumbent president was re-elected for a third term until 2028. The opposition challenger won 47.9% of the vote. The participation rate was 85%. “Turkey’s century begins with this victory,” Erdogan said, while celebrating his success at the polls

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Erdogan will remain at the helm of Turkey until 2028. This is how Turkish citizens chose to vote for the run-off between the current president and Kemal Kilicdaroglu. The Turkish Elections Commission confirmed the victory of the Sultan: his third term will open with 52.1% of the vote. “Our people have trusted us again,” he said shortly after the vote counting ended. The opposition challenger achieved 47.9%. He commented after the defeat, “We will continue to fight, our march continues, we are here,” ruling out the hypothesis of resignation. Putin, Macron, Orban and Vucic were among the first leaders to congratulate Erdogan. Visitors to Zelensky, Prime Minister Meloni, Schulz and the President of the European Union Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, also arrived this evening. In all, there were more than 64.1 million people, ages 18 and over, called to vote. The participation rate is over 85%. In the first round, on May 14, 87% of qualified candidates passed. Erdoğan finished first with 49.5% of the vote, and Kilicdaroglu received nearly 45% of the vote.

Erdogan: Türkiye’s century begins with this victory

“Turkey’s century begins with this victory,” Erdogan said, while celebrating his success in Istanbul with his constituents. “Every member of the nation has once again handed over to us the responsibility of ruling Turkey for the next five years. God willing, we deserve your trust,” he added. Then he directed the attack of opposition parties accused of supporting the rights of the LGBT + community: “In our culture, the family is sacred, we will strangle anyone who dares to touch it, and no one can insult our families.”

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Five warrants for a voting position

The Istanbul Public Prosecutor’s Office issued arrest warrants for five people after opening an investigation into some “provocative” social media posts about voting that allegedly spread “disinformation aimed at disturbing public order”. And the Turkish media announced that the novels in the center of the investigation are: Haber Report, Darkweb Haber, Militaire Doctrin, Muhbir, and Solko Gazit.

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recent alliances

Last week, Erdogan managed to secure the support of Sinan Ogan, a right-wing nationalist politician who came third in the first round of the presidential election with just over 5% of the vote. In recent days, Kilicdaroglu found the support of Umit Ozdag and his Zafer (Victory Party), a right-wing nationalist formation that supported Ogan in the first round, but when the latter announced that he sided with the outgoing president, he chose to give his support to Kilicdaroglu. The opposition candidate complained about the limited space in most media for his election campaign, and in parallel with the calm tones Erdogan used in his rallies, he veered into a very strident nationalist rhetoric that some analysts described as populist. .


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Syrians and immigration

“Syrians will leave” was one of the new campaign messages for the runoff of Kilicdaroglu, who had promised to repatriate all migrants if elections were held. According to him, with Erdogan’s victory, millions of refugees could have arrived in the country, in addition to the almost 4 million Syrians who fled after the 2011 conflict and who are already living in the country. Erdogan has spoken in recent days about the “voluntary return” of a million Syrians to the regions of northern Syria controlled by Ankara, where Turkey is building reception facilities in cooperation with Qatar. The Turkish president would also like to return the refugees to other regions of Syria, and negotiations are under way for reconciliation with President Bashar al-Assad, with whom he severed relations after the start of the conflict, even if the talks are still in their initial stages. . Normalization of relations between Ankara and Damascus remains only a possibility for the time being. Efer Yazcan, an activist from Kilicdaroglu’s party, said in an interview withhandle While distributing leaflets pledging the return of the Syrians. “Among the migrants, there are members of ISIS, the Taliban, there is everything, and they come from Africa and there is a danger that they can enter Europe easily,” says the woman, who said that the situation out of control at the Turkish border led to the entry of “15 million migrants.” the country illegally. With the repercussions of this on the Turkish economy, already in difficult conditions due to the policies of the current administration.

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ISTANBUL, TURKEY - 11/09/2022: The Turkish lira against other currency exchange rates displayed in a shop window in the central Istanbul district of Taksim.  (Photo by John Wreford/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images)

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