Ukraine and the United States achieved their goals. And Europe?

Ukraine and the United States achieved their goals.  And Europe?

by Stefano Briganti

It will only be war, or “the battle between democracy and authoritarianism” (Biden to Congress, March 2022). The “wise” allied group decided, without appeal, that it should be Russia To end this war because you started it. Until he decides to do so, the bombs will do the talking and everyone now agrees the conflict will continue for years.

The danger of this decision lies in the fact that the “wise/democratic” Biden He left in the hands of the “Madman/Chief of Kings”. put it in Choose how to end the war. The more time passes, the less likely it is that Putin will end the war with his unconditional surrender as the “allies” would like him to do. We are now at the point where Putin declared Russia a defeat That would lead to the end From the existence of the Russian Federation itself.

That’s not true, Biden and Stoltenberg say, because “we’re not at war with Russia” however They only provide weapons “Defensive in nature” a Kyiv And they demand “only” the unconditional withdrawal of the Russian army. But anyone can understand that an end like this will mean the end of Russia which, instead of surrendering in this way, will use all the means at its disposal.

While he awaits Putin’s decision on how to end the conflict, the “wise” Biden continues to weave the web in order to “defend the American national interest” over the blood of Ukrainian and Russian soldiers. This painting, which is what we are interested in in the first place Washingtonnearing completion.

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The goal that can be said to have been achieved with certainty is political, economic and social separationEuropean Union from Russia. As a result of this deep separation, the United States of America They have increased their control over the old continent. The EU boasted of cutting Russian gas from 40% to 7% in ten months. Supplies are now largely replaced by US LNG (140 BCM, +60% in 2022).

In December, LNG was paid 50% more than its Russian counterpart, and in order to get it at a similar price, Washington He calls for binding multiyear agreements that allow the United States to invest in new extraction and liquefaction plants to increase market share. Across the Atlantic, thanks to the huge budget allocated to the “Law on Inflation”, European Union companies (the cars in the foreground) those who left Russia due to sanctions or those who have been brought to their knees by the energy crisis and who wish to move to the United States will receive incentives Important. The Stars and Stripes industry will grow at the expense of the EU which will have to import from the USA, which will increase its adoption as ‘healthy’.

Strong Russophobia developed in Europe thanks to a previously relentless media campaign Advertising About the war based on the “official sources” of the Ukrainian press (legitimate propaganda) or the so-called Western 007s. As a result, the United States and NATO gained one Absolute Atlanticism It is indisputable by all of Europe.

and finally the massive profits of the US war industry (just look at the rise in the stocks of the Big Five arms manufacturers to the American world) and the American oil industry which saw exports to Europe double.

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Biden’s “national interest” goals have been achieved with the Russian-Ukrainian conflict, i.e. greater wealth and more geopolitical power for the United States. was his strategy the win. Europe? “national interests”? Not received. For Washington, it is important that the war be long in order to take advantage of the victory. The end of the struggle, whatever it may be, will not affect what has been achieved.

As the war chapter closes, another equally lucrative chapter will open for Washington: The Reconstruction Ukraine. Zelensky told the US Congress in December: “… the expenditures for arms and aid that you support for us are not expenditures, but an investment.”

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