Tesla, you finally landed: here’s the new Model Y

Tesla, you finally landed: here’s the new Model Y

Interest was sporadic to say the least, and impatience too: but now we are. Tesla, the new talk has finally arrived, here’s the new Model Y. Let’s find out together how it is and the main features.

It’s been discussed for some time: but what’s new Tesla Model Y Which the American company began to produce since the beginning of the summer seems to be over. Together we can discover not only the designbut also technical characteristics and qualities.

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The rhythms From Produce From Tesla They are back and getting up again Y . model Ready to arrive in Italy in a few months. There is talk of news that many were waiting for once the model was reviewed compared to Previous Model Y: But also when discussing Tesla more economic which can be purchased today in Italy.

Let’s take a closer look at the numbers, typical specifications, technical indicators and characteristics of one of the most beautiful cars awaited on the market.

Tesla Model Y, price, quality and more

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It is said that the model in question will hit the market with a low-cost version (so to speak) about a total of €49,990 in its version Base with traction rear.

Unlike the Tesla Model Y Long-term (Initiation form of Form Y, prior to this release) There is, basically, approx 15,000 euros differencewhere there is a file Electric motor only Positioned on the rear axle.

The absence of the front engine gives the car one pure rear wheel drive And it slightly lowers the performance: we’re at 6.9 seconds to shoot From 0 to 100 km / h, the distance varies from 533 to 455 km in the WLTP cycle.

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Cheapest Tesla, but high performance

Tesla Model Y
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As it came from expectations, so we understand that we are talking about Tesla more Economical available So far in our present italian market, Since recent months, the Tesla Model 3 has risen to touch the height €57,490 for the standard model Domain.

This competitive price of the Tesla Model Y will lead to an explosion of demand: since the Model Y in recent months has already become electricity more Sold in Europe. If we also add the fact that equipment From take off It really is anyway copiousThe car has truly become one of the toughest competitors to beat: it’s 49,990 euros required to buy included the system AutopilotI heated seats Both front and rear, and an incredible sound system equipped with 13 loudspeakers.

And that’s not all: it turned out to be the first deliveries One of these Tesla Model Y models expected in a month December 2022 This is in February 2023.

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