Bill Clinton was hospitalized to cure the infection

(Washington) Former U.S. President Bill Clinton, 75, has been admitted to hospital in California due to an infection and is “recovering,” his spokesman said Thursday evening.

On Tuesday evening, President Clinton was admitted to UCI Medical Center for treatment for an infection unrelated to Govt-19. He is recovering, in good spirits and would like to thank the doctors, nurses and staff for their excellent care, ”Angel Urena said in a statement on Twitter.

Spokesman Mr. A statement from Clinton’s doctors said the latter had been admitted to the hospital for “close monitoring” and that he had received intravenous antibiotics.

“He is in the hospital for constant monitoring,” they added, citing an infection in the blood.

After two days of treatment, they continued, “He is responding well to antibiotics. The California-based medical team is in constant contact with the president’s New York-based medical team, including his cardiologist. We hope he will return home soon.”

The Irvine Medical Center at the University of California has also confirmed Mr Clinton’s service permit.

The doctors promised to keep in touch with the medical team, including the former president’s cardiologist in New York, and “we hope he returns home soon.”

According to CNN, sepsis is caused by a urinary tract infection that has spread to Mr Clinton’s bloodstream.

On Tuesday when he flew to California he felt tired and went to the hospital where hypotheses of Govt-19 infection or heart problems were rejected, said Sanjay Gupta, the chain’s medical correspondent.

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Bill Clinton was President of the United States from 1993 to 2001.

In the past he had already had to be hospitalized, in 2004 he underwent four times coronary bypass to block four arteries, and in 2010 he underwent angioplasty.

Between these two activities, someone known to like fat food started a vegetarian diet.

Hard decision? “That’s not when you have four times the coronary bypass surgery and want to live and be a grandfather,” Glandon explained through the People for Ethical Treatment of Animals Association in Dallas.

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