First Allocation 2024 at the University Posted: Places

First Allocation 2024 at the University Posted: Places

the First allocation 2024 to University places It was scheduled for Wednesday, July 10, but was finally moved to This is Tuesday the ninth. This is one of the moments that students are waiting for after the selective exams, as with this information they will know whether they will be able to study the university degree from September and which centre was chosen in first preference in pre-registration and registration. . We explain how you can find out First allocation of 2024 places at the university When will they come out? Long notes 2024.

First assignment 2024 on the universities channel

As is the case every year, the first, second, third or any other allocation of places at the university can be viewed through University entrance gateThere you can find out your university degree and the position you have obtained once you enter your certificate. days that day password.

If you do not get the grade you wanted, remember that new assignments are posted as the days go by: secondthe thirdthe the fourththe Fifth…and it is possible after a few weeks The cut-off mark for a college degree ends with a drop. A little bit so this opens the door for you to access it if you didn’t get it in the first mission.

Check out the 2024 cut notes at Betaf.

Hours after the places are allocated, the Research and Universities Administration usually announces the cut-off marks for each undergraduate degree at each university, so that students can know what they are. Minimum qualifications required to access each university courseThe expectation is that they get to know each other. This Thursday, July 11th.

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You will be able to check all the cut marks once they are published.both of them PDF As well as through a Search Engine.

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